Rising Youtube sensation junior Aaliyah Weston’s channel has almost 5,000 subscribers


Courtesy of Aaliyah Weston

Ending her video on a happy note, Aaliyah sends her viewers off with a cheer. Weston joined Youtube in 2012, and has since accumulated more than 4,000 subscribers. "I just think making videos is a fun hobby. It has gotten me a lot of opportunities," Weston said. "I really want to be an actress, but as a side hobby it is a really wonderful thing that I get to do."

Now reaching almost 5,000 subscribers, junior Aaliyah Weston created her YouTube channel two years ago. However, last year she reconstructed her channel after she started gaining hundreds of subscribers.

Weston is a beauty guru: she posts videos relating to hair, makeup and clothing.

“I have always loved expressing my style and being unique,” Weston said. “My channel gives me a chance to show it off.”

She did not have a Youtube inspiration, rather a family that believed in her and a passion for being on camera.

“My family inspired me to start my channel in the first place,” Weston said. “My mom was the one who bought me a ring light, but I bought my tripod and microphone. I am really thankful for her support.”

After gaining over five subscribers on a daily basis, she began to realize that her channel was taking off. She got her first brand deal at 1,000 subscribers.

“It started with me getting brand deals from makeup companies and getting emails from other Youtubers such as Cassidy Jones, Allboutmiracle and Jada Jones who told me that they loved my videos,” Weston said. “I loved all of the positive support I was getting from other Youtubers.”

Weston began receiving products from Dior, L’oreal and a multitude of hair brands. The companies send her emails asking her to showcase their products in her videos, then they send them to her for free and even pay her to talk about their products.

“I am so honored that I get to show off products that I strongly believe in,” Weston said. “I cannot legally discuss how much I make, but the range is around $50-$500.”

Because of Weston’s involvement in Longhorn Line Dance team and the Improv team, she tries to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays to keep her channel active and the audience engaged.

“It takes up so much time and it is difficult to keep up with,” Weston said. “It usually takes me more then three hours to film, edit and post a video. It is hard to keep up with my channel.”

Weston has talked to Youtubers that now have millions of subscribers, such as Emma Chamberlain, Luhsetty and Aliyah Simone.

“I connected with them casually before they were really big,” Weston said. “It helped me realize that every big Youtuber started small and if you just believe you can accomplish anything.”