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Students redesign hand wall after controversy

Adding the final touches to the senior mural, senior Bailey Goughenour finishes painting the second design that her and senior Natalie Butler created. After the first design fell through, the artists came together to come up with the ‘Dream Big’ design. “It was just a lot of stress, and it was just really disappointing because we had been cleared. For him to come back and say it’s not anymore was just really sad and hurtful,” Goughenour said. “But after we were turned down, me and Natalie got together, and we were like, ‘what can we do to make this be good?’ We just started brainstorming, and we came up with a new design.”

Mary Hardy, Convergent Media Writer

April 23, 2019

When seniors Natalie Butler and Bailey Goughenour found out that their design for the senior hand wall in the cafeteria had won over the hearts of 75% of the senior class, they were excited because they thought the design was clever and relevant. However, shortly after, assistant principal Corey Sink received ...

Parkway introduces online physical education course

Junior Caroline Judd attempts to follow an online weightlifting video. In the summer of 2020 Parkway is introducing a new online physical education course available to all students.

Lydia Roseman, News Editor

April 17, 2019

Students scale rock walls, dance to cultural music, toss frisbees, lift heavyweights and earn scuba certifications within the large assortment of physical education courses that Parkway offers. Adding to the selection of physical education courses, online physical education is going to be offered beginnin...

Senior students receive Glory of Missouri awards for embodying values of the state

The awarded seniors pose for a picture in the hallway outside Derek Grier’s office on their way to be recognized on the House floor. Each student was awarded one of the virtues of Missouri that surround the house ceiling. “I was awarded ‘law,’ and I think that’s because I’m a very morally driven person. I base most of my life around ethics, and use that to lead others,” senior Bella Hatzigeorgiou said.

Dani Fischer and Maria Newton

April 15, 2019

Every year, 14 high school seniors are chosen as representatives of the 14 values of Missouri. The students then travel to Jefferson City to receive their awards from their district representative and take a tour of the capitol building. “The coolest part of the trip was getting to go up in the ...

Eighth grade acceleration: helpful or stressful?

Inside the English Concepts Center, teaching assistant Rose Rouner works on her laptop. Rouner spends most of her mornings answering emails for parents of students in the Eighth Grade Acceleration program.

Fatema Rehmani, Staff Writer

April 12, 2019

While their peers are just waking up in the morning, a select group of accelerated eighth graders are already sitting in their first period in a high school classroom. For the last seven years, through the Eighth Grade Acceleration program, students have been attending high school to take advanced ma...

Saying Bonjour, Hola and Guten Tag: Modern and Classical Language Department offers crosscultural language opportunities

In a Boomalang session, junior Quinn Berry practices her Spanish skills. Berry, a Spanish three student, opted to participate in Boomalang.

Kathryn McAuliffe, Staff Writer

April 10, 2019

Sitting in front of her computer screen French five student and senior Sophie Pellegrino has just finished a 30-minute conversation, in French, with a native speaker from Paris, France. “It’s really cool that I get to talk to somebody who's in a totally different country. I get to ask them ab...

A crowning achievement

Pathfinder editors junior Lydia Roseman, seniors Maria Newton and Dani Fischer and juniors Sabrina Bohn and Emma Caplinger, along with Journalism Adviser Debra Klevens take a photo with Edmund J. Sullivan, the Executive Director of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, after receiving a Gold Crown award. In 2018, the Pathfinder won a CSPA Silver Crown Award. “It was an incredible experience to be in a room with so many of the schools that we look up to and draw inspiration from,” senior and Managing Editor-in-Chief Dani Fischer said.

Nadia Messmer, Convergent Media Writer

April 5, 2019

In a grand auditorium at Columbia University, five students sat waiting in the audience. A lone man on stage announced, “Pathfinder, Parkway West High School. Ballwin, Missouri: Gold Crown.” The students ascended the stage to accept their plaque as a camera snapped their photograph. The Columbia ...

AP Language and Composition students take a unique approach to prepare for the exam

Adding the final touches to their documentary, juniors Sabrina Bohn and Emma Caplinger discuss how their interviews turned out. The junior were given six weeks to complete the project. “I’m really glad we did this project because I’m really interested in documentaries and film in general so this was a really cool opportunity and it introduces you to something that you wouldn’t think to be introduced to in English class and I think that it gives you different skill set that you [aren’t normally] given in school so I think it’s pretty cool,” Bohn said.

Ridwan Oyebamiji, Staff Writer

April 5, 2019

With camera and questions in hand, juniors in AP Language and Composition grabbed footage for the documentaries they created to understand their visual rhetoric unit. The idea was created when English teacher Dan Barnes attended a writing conference at Fort Zumwalt West High School in the fall. ...

Robotics team prepares for international tournament

Attending a meeting after school, sophomore Kunal Addagarla makes adjustments to their robot. Twisted Metal was not able to qualify for the 2019 Missouri State VEX Championship, but they will be newcomers at the CREATE US Open Robotics Championship displaying teams from across the U.S. and China. “I would say teamwork is very important because we have different roles to fulfill,

Ridwan Oyebamiji, Staff Writer

April 3, 2019

After not qualifying for the annual VEX Robotics Competition, senior and president Paden Davis and his team, Twisted Metal, are taking their talents to the CREATE US Open Robotics Championship April 4 to compete against international teams. Despite a small turnout at the beginning of the year, increa...

Latin program faces potential cuts

Translating a story from their textbook, freshmen and Latin II students Mary Hardy and Claire Folkins work together. The practice translations in the textbooks follow a story of the same characters throughout the four books. “I chose latin because both of my sisters took it and they both really enjoyed it. Also because they both said Herpel was the best teacher,” freshman and Latin I student Claire Folkins said. “Our class is really close and we all get along really well. We can joke around with each other but also get work done when it needs to get done.”

Claire Smout, Awards Coordinator

March 13, 2019

Due to an enrollment drop in Latin in recent years, the future of the program is being threatened. If more students do not start taking Latin I and II, the number of sections of the class will only continue to decrease as students move through levels III, IV and V. “We are seeing that students have way more...

What’s the buzz? Everything you need to know about this year’s buzzbook

The annual buzzbook will not be available for purchase this year due to scheduling and printing errors. In the future, the buzzbook will be distributed digitally and Digital Design students will still compete to be the cover artist as sophomore Ariej Rafiq (left design) and freshman Jack Andrews (right design) did. “This was a new experience for me. I was quite impressed and surprised by all the [software] had to offer,” Rafiq said. “I feel like I picked it up quickly.”

Maria Newton, Features Editor

March 7, 2019

Due to complications in the printing and formatting of this year’s buzzbook, an official booklet will not be distributed to the student body. However, freshman Jack Andrews and sophomore Ariej Rafiq are still being recognized as this years cover-contest winners. “At first, I thought [my design] was just ...

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