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The Environmental Club plants seeds for change

Planting seedlings in a garden at school, freshman Maura Collins, along with Environment Club, plans to donate the produce to Parkway Food Pantry once it is grown. The club began this year with the help of English teacher Casey Holland and wants to spread awareness about the environment through gardening projects and information about being environmentally friendly. “I’m passionate about the environment because my mom always loved gardening, so I spent a lot of my childhood outside,” Collins said. “I want to specialize in sustainable urban planning, so I thought some exposure from the club might be good.”

Lilly Rahm, Convergent Media Writer

May 17, 2019

In an attempt to promote green living and a healthy lifestyle, the Environmental Club began planting vegetables to donate to the Parkway Schools Food Pantry. “After being at this school for two years, I’ve recognized the need for environmental activism. I have always loved all things nature, so ...

Seniors reflect on the time spent with their instruments during high school

Directed by Ed Sandheinrich (not pictured), juniors Ronik Bhaskar, Dennis McMorrow and Daniel Yu play their instruments in Symphonic Orchestra. All levels of orchestra participate in the reflection by playing songs that they are able too that the seniors choose. “It’s different every day, a new adventure every day, and it keeps things fresh,” Sandheinrich said.

Ross Harter, Staff Writer

May 17, 2019

The Orchestra program is putting on one last ‘hurrah’ for the seniors by allowing them to pick the music for the Senior Reflection ceremony. “I think that the songs we are playing at Senior Reflection shows just how unique and diverse we are, but also how special and significant we are too,...

The journey of fasting through finals

Lined up outside of the theatre on the first Friday of Ramadan, junior Mohammed Kuziez and freshmen Waleed Abdulla and Areeb Hasan get together to pray “Jummah” (Friday prayers). Muslims are also obligated to pray five times a day, as “salah” (prayer) is one of the five pillars of Islam. “I like to think that I hold my religion very close to me; it's something that I was brought up on for the past 17 years,” Kuziez said. “It's one of the things that our religion holds the closest, and [prayer is] a basic [element] of it.”

Ridwan Oyebamiji and Fatema Rehmani

May 16, 2019

As the time of sunset, “Maghrib,” grows closer, senior Farhan Hassan’s stomach growls at the thought of food; he looks forward to eating the dates and drinking the water in front of him. During Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from su...

Anthony Piccinni basks in the idea of retirement

Anthony Piccinni poses in his classroom with his class pet Kaa. Piccinni has been Kaa’s owner for 22 years and he has become a big part of Piccinni’s identity. “[Kaa] and I have done birthday parties, visited preschool classrooms and taught lessons in elementary schools,” Piccinni said. “Giving him away is hard, not because of a deep, emotional connection, but because he is a part of a significant aspect of my life that is coming to a close. I will miss being a classroom teacher, and he has been a part of the classroom and the experience.”

Sarah Lashly, Copy Coach

May 16, 2019

Smiling in the science hallway, greeting students during passing periods and caring for his snake, science teacher Anthony Piccinni has decided to retire after this year since joining the staff in 2011. “[This decision] was hugely difficult. It is still difficult. The plus side is that I will still b...

Common Ground undergoes second revamp

Discussing ideas for lessons, junior Sabrina Bohn, sophomore Ulaa Kuziez and junior Kaitlyn Faber plan for upcoming Common Ground meetings. The trio plan to design the Common Ground curriculum for the 2019-2020 school year. “I hope, overall, that Common Ground more effectively reaches students and allows for a more comfortable place where we can discuss the issues that the school is facing,” Bohn said.

Zaven Nalbandian, Staff Writer

May 14, 2019

Common Ground will be undergoing an overhaul starting in August, where multiple students from the  Superintendent’s Social Justice Leadership Advisory Council (SSJLAC) are planning to form a new club to design the lessons. Common Ground is a monthly school-wide meeting, where students are split into...

Debate team has emotional return to nationals

Seniors Gokul Venkatachalam, Kristina Humphrey and Luke Donovan pose with their plaques from the district tournament. Venkatachalam will go to nationals in the “Policy Debate” event and Humphrey and Donovan will compete in the “Duo Interpretation” event. “I’ve never been to the national tournament before,” Humphrey said. “I know it’s very competitive because you’re competing against a bunch of national qualifiers. I hope we can do well, and I doubt we’ll make the final stage, but we’re going to try as hard as we can.”

Peyton Gaskill, Staff Writer

May 14, 2019

After a successful districts tournament, the speech and debate team will send six students to compete in three different events at the national tournament in Dallas this June. The events of last year have made this years road to nationals particularly emotional for the team. “Considering the dis...

Global Competency Cohort strives to give minority students a platform

After completing a discussion, members of the Global Cohort Competency group pose for a photo. Teachers and staff members were allowed to come throughout the day to listen to the students. “I’m just very appreciative to the students who gave their time to speak,” science teacher Amy Cohen said. “I know it’s not always easy to have personal and honest conversations, particularly with staff members that they might not know personally. I got so much out of being in those conversations and facilitating the discussions, so I hope that the students got value out of it.”

Ridwan Oyebamiji, Features Editor

May 13, 2019

After listening and engaging in a student panel discussion April 24 to increase cultural and religious awareness, science teacher Amy Cohen, assistant principal Beth Middendorf and journalism teacher Debra Klevens hope to let minority students voice their opinion to break stereotypes. In their aspira...

Teacher of the Year takes on new challenges after 10 years in the classroom

Beginning his victory lap around the gym, 2019 Teacher of the Year awardee Emanuel Young pumps his fists to energize the crowd at the Spring Pep Rally, March 29. This is Young’s fourth year teaching business at West High.. “I was in a state of disbelief,” Young said. “My heart was racing; it was one of those things you felt like you should have known but didn’t.”

Drew Boone and Joey Grove

May 9, 2019

Excitement buzzes in room 2312 as Principal Jeremy Mitchell enters with a basket of gifts and a certificate for business teacher Emmanuel Young, the 2019 Parkway West Teacher of the Year. Young has taught for the last 10 years, the past four of those spent at West as a business teacher. “I b...

Longhorn Council pays it forward to the environment

Admiring their work, students take a photo after decorating the sidewalks leading into the school Sunday, March 28. Longhorn Council wrote positive phrases and messages in bathrooms throughout the school and on sidewalks to prepare for Pay it Forward Week. “I had a fun time decorating mirrors and sidewalks on Sunday,” junior Quinn Berry said. “It’s so rewarding to spread positivity and make someones day in unexpected ways.”

Lydia Roseman, News Editor

May 7, 2019

Positive phrases written in colorful lettering adorn the mirrors of the bathrooms and sidewalks outside of school in honor of the annual Pay it Forward Week. The week, planned by Longhorn Council, promotes positivity and community service among students and staff by encouraging everyone to reciprocate acts of...

Scientists compete head-to-head in regional science bowl

With her right hand hovering over the buzzer, senior Lindsay Perrett answers questions in the science bowl. The team answered questions that concerned all branches of math and science. “It was an exciting event for me to be a part of, and it benefitted me academically too,” Perrett said.

Grace Fassler, Convergent Media Writer

April 26, 2019

Standing on platforms awaiting their final question, sophomore Caleb Levy and senior Lindsay Perrett compete in the Missouri Regional High School Science Bowl. “You always have to be a little on edge while answering questions; it was nerve-racking but also exciting,” Levy said. “I would say that placing we...

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