Louis Liu


Angie Ren

“I spend a lot of my time after school working at HiTea, and I work there once a week. At first, I started working there because I wanted to earn money, but I really enjoy making the drinks and serving them to customers. It’s fun to see first-time customers who have never had boba before and to see their reactions to it since it is pretty different from other popular drinks. Work can sometimes be draining since I’ll have a long day at school, but then I have to go straight to work after. I have made some of my closest friends through work, which makes it less draining, and sometimes I even look forward to going. I can see myself working there for the rest of high school, but after college, I want to pursue a career in math or science. Even though working at a boba shop and a career in math is different, working at HiTea for two years has definitely given me a lot of experience in the business world. It has improved my social skills tremendously.” – Louis Liu, 10