Kai Daudsyah


Angie Ren

“Tennis is something I spend a lot of my time on. My dad played tennis throughout high school, so he wanted me to get involved in the sport so that he could teach me. I enjoy playing tennis because I love to win, and it gives me satisfaction to have a mindset to strive to win every game. My favorite tennis player, Roger Federer, inspires me to do my best in tennis, and I learned a lot from him just by watching him play. His strokes are very pretty, and his form is really good, so he usually is my go-to pro tennis player to watch. Along with just enjoying tennis, it has also improved my thought process and mentality a lot because when you’re playing singles, you don’t have a lot of help, so you have to think and do everything for yourself. This has also helped me in school because, say if you’re taking a test or doing work, you have to work independently and for yourself.” – Kai Daudsyah, 10