Ash Herring


Triya Gudipati

“The happiest moment of my life was when I realized that my family was accepting who I am. [I am] a transgender woman, and [in that moment,] I felt like I had this fear taken away. [It was] about two years ago, and I remember realizing that my parents were doing everything they could, and while they weren’t perfect, I finally realized how much effort they were putting in. It’s made my home life a lot better, there have been fewer arguments with my family, and I just feel very liberated. My mom [was the most] accepting when I came out. I was worried before because I didn’t know how accepting she would be, but she’s made appointments to talk to people so I could get help to further who I was and am. On the other hand, my [older] brother sometimes struggles with it because he has a hard time seeing things from my perspective, as he’s had a very different life. In general, I think that community support, whether family, friends or teachers, is the best thing anyone can do to help anyone” – Ash Herring, 10