Freshman Leah Selm scores a position on the varsity soccer team


Jordan Lieser

Freshman Leah Selm settles the ball against Nerinx Hall April 13. Nerinx defeated West 0-2. “It was a good game. I thought our team played really well and put up a good fight,” Selm said.

Irene Yannakakis, Staff Writer

Whether she is playing a state cup qualifying game for her Lou Fusz club team or just juggling a ball in her backyard, freshman Leah Selm has been working to improve her soccer skills. On March 2, the last day of soccer tryouts, Selm earned a starting position on the varsity soccer team.

“I was really excited when [girls varsity soccer coach Annie] Wayland told me that I had made varsity, because I was really hoping I would,” Selm said.

Selm has been playing soccer since she was in kindergarten, and started club soccer when she was in third grade.

“I feel like club has really prepared me for high school, except for the differences in the practices,” Selm said. “For club, we mostly focused on skills like moves to get around people, but for [high school] soccer we focus a lot on passing and shooting, because that’s really important when you’re playing at a high level.”

She’s fast. She can fly by anyone no matter their height. Plus, she is physical and very strong against older and bigger girls.”

— Erika Anstine

Selm has been named MVP, Player of the Game and is leading the team with ten goals thus far.

“[Selm] displays a high level of skill, excellent fitness and an intensely strong work ethic. She stood out with her game knowledge, desire to impact the game and ability to be a great team player,” Wayland said.

Although Selm is the youngest on the team, according to junior Erika Anstine, her presence on the field is big.

“She’s fast. She can fly by anyone no matter their height. Plus, she is physical and very strong against older and bigger girls,” Anstine said. “She’s a huge part of the team.”

Selm has also created bonds with the other girls on her team despite the age gap.

“The girls really love her and have all taken her under their wing,” Wayland said.  “She’s a true team player and clearly has a bright future ahead of her.”