Senior men prepare for Mr. Longhorn festivities

Chris Bass, Staff Writer

Pageantry, entertainment, and an all-around good time? This sums up the type of atmosphere Mr. Longhorn provides. The senior beauty pageant will take place Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. in the theater.

A yearly contest for male seniors only, Mr. Longhorn gives senior men a moment in the spotlight all to themselves.

“I think it is an opportunity for kids to participate in a big event,” assistant athletic director Annie Wayland said. “I think of it as an equivalent to the Powder Puff game in the fall and how the senior boys wanted something for them.”

The annual pageant is a longstanding tradition in which senior men compete in categories such as future occupation, the talent portion and best dressed to make a last impression during their final semester of high school. Senior Jackson Glisson is one of 25 male seniors who plans on adding to that tradition this year.

“I want to do Mr. Longhorn because it’s a school tradition that I’ve watched since I was a freshman, and it is one of my favorite events of the year since you get to see senior men make fun of themselves. It is funny, everybody has a good time and it is an event that I am excited to be a part of,” Glisson said.

For senior Lance Griffith, participating in Mr. Longhorn is another chance to stay active within the school.

“I want to do it because it’s my senior year. There’s a lot of opportunities that offer themselves like senior-faculty and being captain for teams,” Griffith said. “A lot of responsibilities can be held on you and I’m trying to make the most out of my senior year. I want to be involved in the school, and not just be a bystander.”

Tickets cost $5 and can be purchased from the participating seniors. All of the proceeds from the event will go to benefit West Chest.

“West Chest is an organization that helps out families from the West community in need. The cool thing about this is how anonymous it is. Once the money is collected, it gets sent off from a secret source,” Wayland said.