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Junior secretary Pam McHardy helps the kids learn how to ballroom dance.

Junior secretary Pam McHardy helps the kids learn how to ballroom dance.



Junior secretary Pam McHardy helps the kids learn how to ballroom dance.

Getting to know junior secretary Pam McHardy

Pathfinder: What got you interested in your job?

Mcha: “Our sons are grown, and I miss the high school years.”

Is this your first year being secretary?

No, [I have been a secretary for] almost seven years.”

Did you previously work at a different school? If so, what school?

“[I previously worked at] Parkway Central High School.”

How is West different from that school?

“A much larger campus, with many floors in the building. Also, the students are really polite!”

Why did you decide to be secretary?

I was a commercial interior designer and the field became flat due to a downturn in the economy.”

Are there any things you are doing differently from last year’s secretary?

Not really, just carrying on Mrs. Weiss’ TLC [tender love and care] for our students. Every year brings changes in the district, such as the food policy.”

Are there any challenges you face while being secretary?

“Getting to know the staff, students and learning the ‘West way’ of supporting our families.”

How have you overcome them?

A day by day journey with the help of the warm and welcoming students, teachers and staff.”

What are you most excited for about this year?

“The 50th Year Anniversary. I was here for the carnival and the football game, but I really enjoyed the building tour since I got to read and learn a lot about the history of the school.”

What are your goals for this year?

To be able to call students and staff by their names and learn fun facts about the Class of 2019 before senior year.”

What is your favorite thing about West so far?

The West High School spirit. It reminds me of my high school years at Kirkwood.”

What is one fun fact about you that you want the students to know?

“I teach ballroom dancing on the side.”

How would you like students to see you?

“As a caring individual who is here for them and only wants the best for them.”

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