Fidget spinner epidemic takes over classrooms


Shanna Bailey

Juniors Blake Geraghty and Christian Hollingsworth show off their fidget spinners.

It is constantly being spun during classes. It comes in all types of colors. It can fit in your pocket. Fidget spinners have been on the scene for a few years, but within the past few months they have become an epidemic not only in our school, but across the country.

Fidget spinners were designed as a stress relieving toy for kids with ADHD. Instead, all types of students have been buying them and playing with them because they find them amusing.

“When I first saw it I thought it was kind of stupid,” senior Olivia Daiker said. “But then I played with one and became obsessed. I don’t know how to explain it, but it is so addicting. It is just really fun to watch it spin.”

These toys cost anywhere from $2 to $10. They can also be bought at a variety of places like Amazon, kiosks at the mall and even Six Flags souvenir shops.

“I got mine from Six Flags for $9.99,” Daiker said. “It’s worth the price to me because I use it all the time in class.”

Students use these toys so much that they can even do tricks with them.

“I can spin it on my nose for a really long time,” senior Will Kroner said. “[Senior] Zack Quoss can do this cool thing where he can pop it from hand to hand while it’s spinning.”

Due to the constant use in class, some teachers claim that the fidget spinners are a distraction to students.

“I’m going to have to start collecting them like I collect phones. They are really annoying,” science teacher Charles Cutelli said.

However, they aren’t only used during class. Students use them all over: at their homes, during lunch, at sporting events and on field trips. Kroner even brought his fidget spinner to Prom.

“I usually keep it in my car and then bring it in my backpack every day. But sometimes I play with it at home. I brought it to Prom because everyone goes crazy over them so I thought it would be fun,” Kroner said.

Judging by how long the fidget spinner craze has lasted so far, these toys are predicted to remain popular for a while.

“Some people think they are overrated, but they’re definitely not. I mean, how could they be?” Kroner said. “If you don’t think they are fun, you’ve never tried playing with one.”