Throwback Thursday : Allison Privitt


Courtesy of Allison Privitt

Privett poses in a garden for her senior pictures.

Pathfinder: What was your childhood like?

Privitt: Back when I was a kid we had no cell phones, we just had iPods and regular telephones. Back then, when somebody wanted to call somebody else, and another family member was on a computer, the technologies would cancel each other out. It was a double negative, and privacy was another hindrance.  

Name one or two people that have had an influence while growing up?

My parents had a huge influence when I was a child. They were helpful and understanding when times were good and bad they were always there.

Did you like school?

I loved school. I was a nerd.  I loved learning new things everyday. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Norris, a chemistry teacher, she was my favorite because she was always in my corner even when times were a little challenging.  

What was one of your happiest moments in high school?

One of my happiest moments was when my volleyball team made it to the finals and won. It was a monumental victory because we were the underdogs of the tournament. I played volleyball all four years in high school and made the varsity roster in my freshman year.  

What is a big life lesson that you have learned?

A big life lesson I have learned is to never give up. Resiliency is key for success.  I was training for a 26.2 mile marathon. I trained for my first two marathons and had to cut back to a half marathon due to injury. It took me three training schedules to finally complete my first full marathon!

Are you a St. Louis Blues fan?

I am neutral because I am from Minnesota. I am a Minnesota Wild fan and somewhat a Blues fan.