Throwback Thursday: Shannon Wolfe, SSD teacher

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Throwback Thursday: Shannon Wolfe, SSD teacher

Shannon Wolfe

Shannon Wolfe

Shannon Wolfe

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Pathfinder: What high school did you go to?

Wolfe: I went to Twin City Christian Academy in Festus Mo.

When did you graduate?  

I graduated in 1990.

What were your least and favorite subjects?

My least favorite subject was history and my favorite was science.

What is different now then when you went high school?

We did not have cell phones instead we had encyclopedias.

What was your opinion of your high school principal?

He was a fair man and had a good sense of humor.

What type of car did you drive?

I drove a 1986 red Camaro that had gray cloth inside.

Did you like the homework that was given?

No I did not, I got help from another student.

 Did you have an after school job?

I worked at McDonalds and WalMart.

What is your favorite high school memory?

My favorite high school memory was the graduation ceremony and just the feeling of knowing I accomplished high school.

What activities in school were you involved in?

I played volleyball.

If you could change high school would you change?

I would change the disrespect that some students have.