Freshman LaTasia Brooks calls 911 on bus to save student

#Parkwaycares: LaTasia Brooks


Bella Hatzigeorgiou

Brooks stands in the doorway of the bus where she helped call an ambulance for a student in distress.

Listening to her favorite playlist, freshman LaTasia Brooks sat comfortably in her seat on the bus on Nov. 18, waiting to go home. Only minutes later, an ambulance quickly pulled in front of her bus, its bold red and blue neon lights blinding the passengers. All peers on the bus were now helping a paramedic locate senior Mikayla Whitney, who suffered an asthma attack.

“I quickly turned off my music and looked towards the back of the bus. I saw people crowded around Mikayla and unconscious in her bus seat.”

Without hesitation, Brooks turned off her music and made her phone into a life saving tool.

“After I called for help, I felt so helpless just waiting for them to come,” Brooks said. “We all tried our best to make her comfortable and stay calm. My mind was racing, and it all happened so fast. My hands were sweaty and my body was shaking from the adrenaline rush after making the call.”

Soon after Brooks called 911, an ambulance and firetrucks came to assist Whitney who had a minor but concerning asthma attack.  

“I told them what her dad’s phone number was and what exit we went on the highway. I think the best part was when I finally got to say 10-4, which is a code that means everything was okay. I have always wanted to say 10-4, but I was more relieved she was going to be safe,” Brooks said.

After I called for help, I felt so helpless just waiting for them to come.”

— LaTasia Brooks

Whitney’s asthma attack was induced by overheating while she tried to fall asleep on her ride home. When Whitney’s breaths became shallow and few and far between, she reached for her inhaler in her backpack, but it was nowhere to be seen.

“I don’t think I could have prepared myself any differently for that. I feel that everything I did was instant and no one saw it coming,” Brooks said. “We could not find her inhaler but we did call fast enough to get immediate medical assistance.”

Whitney is currently back on her feet and left Children’s Hospital after one night, and continues to ride the bus to school.

“My bus driver, Shana Williams, LaTasia, and everyone on the bus was quick to help. They told me everything was going to be okay, comforting me which eased a lot of my worries and stress through this event. I am so thankful for everything they did,” Whitney said.