Sighing after Syberg’s great food


Emma Ratliff

Kyla’s Kitchen

Right across the street from 54th Street Grill and Bar, Syberg’s is the place to go for traditional American food. Emma and I ventured there on the last day of winter break, wanting to have a great day before classes started.

This was not our first time at Syberg’s, so I knew exactly what I wanted to order. Although they offer everything from pizza to pasta, I just had to go for their famous wings. As you may know, I personally am a fan of teriyaki wings, and since this restaurant advertises their wings, I thought it would be interesting to see if the food lived up to the hype. The wings passed all taste tests with flying colors, maybe even edging out Circle 7’s wings, simply because of their sweet and savory teriyaki sauce. Both are phenomenal, but something about the consistency and tangy flavor gives this restaurant the edge on the dish. Syberg’s gives you plenty of other options, making their own signature spicy sauce for their wings just to make sure all of their bases are covered. I paired it with some nice crispy fries and a refreshing iced tea for a perfect lunch meal.wings!

Syberg’s has options from all around the world for appetizers, like Sygoons (fried wonton dumplings), Irish Nachos and Cajun Shrimp. They also offer some rarer starters, like grilled shark chunks and sesame chicken strips. I’ve always been partial to the chicken quesadilla for a small but still satisfying meal. In terms of main dishes, they give you the opportunity to build your own pizza if the choices like Brett’s Conglomeration (everything in the fridge except fish) or Mom’s Veggie (all fresh veggies) don’t catch your attention. They also offer the usual soup, salad and sandwich collection with some wraps thrown in. However, they don’t neglect dinner with full meals like a New York Strip Steak and Grilled Salmon.

The restaurant was moderately full, but we still received great attention from our waitress, even though we definitely took our time choosing our main courses. All in all, the meal was reasonably priced with a nice almost diner-like atmosphere, and I would definitely recommend this restaurant for traditional American food.

Emma’s Eats

Emma Ratliff
Looking for a nice lunch to celebrate our last day of winter break, seniors Tabatha Saake, Kyla Hatton, and I all went to Syberg’s in the Valley.  Although I had been there before, it had been awhile and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to order because they offer such a wide variety of choices.

Although there was a sea of choices, I narrowed it down to a burger, the Syburger.  This particular burger caught my eye because it was drizzled with Syberg’s famous wing sauce.  I was quite sure what to expect about this sauce, but now I know why it’s famous.  The sauce was a little spicy and tangy which was amazing in contrast to the crisp lettuce and onions and it paired well with the flavor of the savory beef patty. The burger came with a side of fries which which was a great addition to the meal because I was able to dip them in ketchup which offered a contradictory flavor with the Syberg’s sauce.

IMG_3467Having gone with Tabatha and Kyla, I was also able to sample some of their wings in both the original and teriyaki flavors.  Although the original was a little spicy, it was well worth it because the flavor went so well the chicken.  Likewise, the teriyaki sauce was amazing as well and I have to say I agree with Kyla that it may rival Circle 7’s teriyaki wings.  The consistency of the teriyaki was thicker so it better coated the wing and allowed for more flavor, but I still think that the overall flavor of Circle 7’s teriyaki is sweeter.

Now Syberg’s sauce was a little hotter than my typical liking so I paired the meal with a Fitz’s root beer which paired perfectly because of it’s sweet and refreshing taste. Overall the staff was very friendly and our waitress gave us ample time to decide what we wanted, even though it took us awhile with all the options.  If you’re ever in the Valley and looking for a solid lunch or dinner American restaurant, visit Syberg’s for their great food and service.