The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 review

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Disclaimer: What follows are specific plot details of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2” The review contains spoilers regarding the movie. Do not read this review if you have not watched the movie yet, and wish to in the future.

Opening on November 20th at Midnight, Mockingjay: Part 2 is the final installment of the Hunger Games series. As a part of a four-movie series based off a book trilogy, Mockingjay followed the original storyline with an admirable reflection. Picking up where its prequel left off, Mockingjay jumps directly into the action that Mockingjay: Part 1 lacked.

Mockingjay focuses on the fight for the capital, paralleling the book to the very end.
In fact, Director Francis Lawrence drew parallels back to all the books in his final Hunger Games film as a tribute to the series as a whole.

Though some of Katniss’ pre-existing relationships are less emphasized or less built upon than they previously were – with Haymitch and Effie, for instance – others are revived or dusted off, like the frenemy-ship of Johanna and Katniss.

Filling in the space left empty by these lacking relationships is the introduction of stronger characters, who saw equal parts rise and fall in all aspects of life. We are finally introduced to the illusive Annie, Finnick’s love interest, and the rest of squad 451, Katniss’ rebel squadmates who follow her through the capital in her mission to kill President Snow.

However, as mentioned, Mockingjay was more focused on the action than its predecessor. Masterfully crafted action sequences allow all battle sequences to appear fluid and realistic with a full believability from the occasional shove to the masterful arrow shot. Action, paired flawlessly with squad bonding causes an emotional attachment to each and every one of them, regardless of their disposition.

In short, Mockingjay is exactly the close that this legendary series needs and deserves, wrapping up a rebellion started with a simple act dating back a total of seven years ago. On the other hand, it might be too early to call it all wrapped up…

Parkway West Pathfinder gives Mockingjay Part 2 8.5/10.