Week of Sept 21 – 25

September 28, 2015

On Monday, Sept. 21, senior football players made a playbook for the first Powderpuff practice. [Bobby Connor, 12]

Students visited the Botanical Gardens with their 13 foreign exchange students on Tuesday, Sept. 22, suddenly realizing that the City Museum was closed. [Shannon Anderson, 12]

Michelle Kerpash’s freshman honors English class played “freeze frame,” where students pretended to be characters from “To Kill a Mockingbird” on Wednesday, Sept. 23. [Kristin Priest, 9]

Juniors Natalie Rath, Maggie Hulen and Maggie Morse and seniors Kendall Welch, Rachel Osborne and Lindsey Stucki performed a song they wrote on Wednesday for Cross Country to the beat of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from the movie Mulan, and titled it, “I’ll Make Runners Out of You.” [Natalie Rath, 11]

Sept. 23, Jazz Choir stayed after school until 10 p.m. to record their music video for a Macy’s competition to win $25,000 for the school. [Katie Bowen, 12]

Annie Wayland’s Leadership class began decorating banners for the homecoming parade on Wednesday, Sept. 23. [Ally Guccione, 12]

The Feminist Club is planning a charity concert in October to raise money for Operation Keep Girls in School. [Kathryn Harter, 12]

Senior school pictures released on Wednesday, Sept. 23. Seniors can view their pictures here. [Matt Blake, 12]

During common ground on Wednesday, Sept. 23, German teacher Michael Kloster showed his students Richard Simmons videos to prepare for 80’s day. [Bailey Rathert, 12]

After playing for two and a half hours, varsity softball defeated Parkway Central 18-11 on Thursday, Sept. 24. [Mallory Henak, 12]

Season twelve of Grey’s Anatomy premiered Thursday, Sept. 24. [Molly Sewester, 12]

Casey Holland’s fourth hour  English I class participated in the Cha-Cha Slide on Friday, Sept. 25. [Mary Yannakakis, 9]

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