Throwback Thursday: Erin Fluchel, English Teacher

people of west


Where do you go to high school?

Fort Zumwalt South in St. Peters, MO.

What year did you graduate?


Did you play any sports or in any clubs? What did you like about it?

I was the editor of the high school newspaper, French club and the Community Outreach club.

What was your opinion of your high school principal? Why was he memorable?

I didn’t always love him. As the editor of the high school newspaper, it was frustrating because he didn’t want us to cover certain subjects that were current. We would have done them appropriately, but he still would not allow us.

What was your least and favorite subjects in high school?

My least favorite subjects were P.E. first and math second.

What was different now from when you went to high school?

Technology was different for good and for evil. Cell phones were used for emergencies only. We did not have Snapchat, texting, cameras or the Internet. These are all very good technologies but can be very distracting in the classroom.

What were you like in high school?

I was quiet until senior year and then I came out of my shell. Then, I became more of a leader and shared my opinions; I began to speak out more.

Did you have an after school job?

I worked at Steak n’ Shake: we had to wear the black bowtie and everything. I also worked at the Painted Zebra; I could do my homework there.

What type of car did you drive?

I had a 1985 Oldsmobile Forenza. It was an old, terrible car. But I decked it out with a hula girl and fuzzy dice.