Petition urging for LGBT-inclusive health curriculum


Mary Claire Moriarty

After over a year of pushing for more LGBT-inclusive curriculum in health classes throughout Parkway, senior Asher McNamee created a petition which students and teachers can sign their support.

“Bad information leads to poor ability to make decisions and leaves students without tools needed to handle what happens when those decisions are made. We need all the information when it comes to sexual health, not just some of it,” McNamee’s petition said.

Specifically, the petition will add on LGBT health, consent and safe sex to health lessons.

“We plan to give this petition to them as a coalition of GSAs in the Parkway District and testify why we believe comprehensive Sex Ed is important and saves lives,” the petition explains.

The petition is being presented with signatures to the school board of Parkway on Sept 9.

To read more and sign the petition, click here.