POW: Jackson Fleming, 12


“What is your passion?”

“I love hockey.”

“How would you describe hockey?”

“It’s the greatest sport in the world! It’s like freedom, and during it nothing else matters.” “Why do you like it?”

“I just love the atmosphere, when the people in the stands get into it, the feel of the ice, the fans screaming, going super fast and especially scoring goals.”

“What’s your favorite part?”

“I love helping the team win.”

“When did you start playing and why?”

“I started ice skating when I was three, and started hockey when I was four. I started playing because one, my brother played and two it was kind of my big brother and I’s thing to watch every blues game together.”

“Is it your motivation?”

“Yes… It is my motivation for school and to get better if I get hurt. For school, it’s my motivation because I have to keep my grades up to play. For healing an injury, it’s my motivation because all I want to do is get back out on the ice.”