POW Amy Cohen, Science teacher


“What college did you go to and what did you major in?”

“I went to Drake University in Iowa, and I majored in education and science.”

“What is your favorite subject other than science, and would you teach this class if you could?”

“Definitely history, I enjoy learning about world studies and other unique cultures and how people make a living to different environment.”

“What do is your passion, other than teaching?”

“For sure learning about other countries and cultures and how people take on life differently than we do.”

“What is one thing that is unique about you?”

“I love to sing, I sing in a choir at my synagogue, and I have traveled to every continent besides Antarctica.”

“Where is the last place you traveled, and what did you enjoy the most about your trips?”

“Madagascar and I enjoyed seeing the cute lemurs there, and South Africa because I went on the best safari and I worked there for a mission trip.”