POW: Leon Kutscher, 10

POW: Leon Kutscher, 10

“Is this your first time in America?”

“Yeah, I love it.”

“How did you decide to come to America?”

“I read it in my school newspaper and it said that there were opportunities to go to America as an exchange student and I signed up for it.”

“Did you decide to come to Parkway West High School?”

“No, I didn’t. I had to give information to my organization and they decided for me.”

“What’s the difference between Germans and Americans?”

“Americans are way cooler. They are so much more relaxed and laid back, while the Germans are more strict and uptight about everything.”

“What’s the difference between Parkway West and your high school?”

“There is no middle school or high school – we all go to the same school and it’s very strict, a lot smaller and we have no lockers. We only learn 15 different subjects while you guys have about 40 or 50.”

“If you had the choice to come back on your own, would you?”

“After only two weeks here, I would have to say I love America a lot more than Germany and I wish I could stay, but unfortunately I have to go back.”

“How do you like Parkway West?”

“I love it, It’s wonderful.”