Exchange trip to Monterrey, Mexico

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  • In the Bioparque Estrella, Parkway West and Prepa Tec students ride a trolley though a mock Serengeti Safari, feeding animals beside them on the way. "I fed a giraffe a cup of kibble, along with other students in the trolley, " Williams said. "There were also ostriches, zebras and llamas."

  • Junior Lauren Schumacher, Prepa Tec student Jessica Vellejo, junior Ellie Nazzoli, Prepa Tec students Karen, Jessica, Alicia, and Gonzalo, senior Nathan Rands and Bayleigh Williams sit on a wall facing Monterrey's mountains. "We were waiting to go into the famous Caverns of Garcia. Even though it was too dark to go into the caverns, we still made the most of our trip there," Williams said.

  • While walking through San Pedro Park, junior Bayleigh Williams photographs the locks. The bridge was made to mimic the famous Love Locks bridge in Paris, France. "Though much smaller than the original bridge, hearts and initials were still scribbled on the locks," Williams said.

  • When exiting the Bioparque Estrella Park, senior Nathan Rands sees a monkey on the high ropes. Later, the monkey climbed down and rested on a rock right next to the adjacent paddle-boaters.

  • A view of la Silla de la Sierra Madre, or the seat of the mountain, the Sierra Madre, in San Pedro, Mexico. It was called the "seat," because I could see tons of cyclists biking nearby.

  • Prepa Tec student, Jessica Vellejo, zip-lines through el Bioparque Estrella. Vellejo was one of the host students from Monterrey. Everyone in the group, hosts and Parkway's exchange students took on the challenge of the zip-line, enjoying the view of the whole park on their way down.

  • Fireworks shoot off at a carnival in downtown Monterrey. It was after the shout of Dolores, the famous, "Viva Mexico!" kick-starting Mexico's Independence Day, September 16. It was one of the biggest firework displays I'd ever seen.

  • Augustine and Mauricio, two host kids from Prepa Tec in Monterrey, walk the wobbly cat walk over a pond in the Bioparque Estrella. They took the risky way to get across the park. There was water beneath the catwalk, which only made it riskier.

  • The Santiago Cathedral in the Santiago Village, Monterrey, Mexico. The students got a panoramic view of the whole town. Despite the cloudy day, there were ribbons everywhere for Independence Day.

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