Publications Staff Wedding

After a successful publications “marriage,” junior newlyweds Katie Bowen and Maggie Walkoff smile in the art foyer. Walkoff’s new beginning this year is taking over as the PAWESEHI Editor-in-Chief. “It’s a lot of work and a ton of responsibility, but I’ve always been an organized person, and I learned a lot last year, so I’m sure it will be great,” Walkoff said.

Adorned in gowns of toilet paper and fake flowers, the three classes that make up Parkway West Publications – newspaper, yearbook, and beginning journalism, all played a part in a ceremonial wedding. Publications adviser Debra Klevens has used it every four years as a means of helping the staff to bond and commit to a common end goal: a daunting task with the newly combined newspaper and yearbook classes under one Convergent Media umbrella. “You should have seen sixth hour’s [ceremony]. The attire was fabulous and they fed each other cake. Dr. Mitchell  made an appearance and sobbed,” Klevens said.