2014-2015 Pathfinder Staff

Grant Aden

Staff Writer

Grade: 10 Hobbies: Cross Country, Track Fun Fact: "I love to run."

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Shannon Anderson


Grade: 11 Hobbies: Going to concerts, making playlists, not brushing my hair Fun Fact: "I am actually a mermaid."

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Matt Blake

Staff Writer

Grade: 11 Hobbies: Playing sports, hanging out with friends Fun Fact: "Math is my favorite class."

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Lily Briscoe

Staff Writer

Grade: 11 Hobbies: Tennis, soccer, lacrosse, and yoga club.

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Allie Collins

Photo Editor

Grade: 10 Hobbies: Running, Soccer, reading, watching movies, listening to music, hanging out with friends, photography, traveling Fun Fact: “I am an underground Fiction author who never finishes a story.”

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Bobby Connor

Staff Writer

Grade: 11 Hobbies: Club baseball, Netflix, and attempting to fish, Football, Baseball, Stars Academy, French Club Fun Fact: “I have lived in four states.”

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Jacob Cupps


Grade: 11 Hobbies: Songwriting, Singing, Playing Guitar, Listening to Music, Ultimate Frisbee, Cross Country, Track, Running Club. Fun Fact: “Thanks to the minds behind Media Now StL, I now have some... 

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Tashaun Ewing

Staff Writer

Grade: 12 Hobbies: Improv, track, attending music events Fun Fact: "My dad is the black Hulk."

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Jane Fuller

Staff Writer

Grade: 9 Hobbies: Running, swimming Fun Fact: "I have seven siblings."

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Mary Galkowski

Staff Newscaster

Grade: 11 Hobbies: Philanthropy Officer, Volleyball, Netflix, Photography Fun Fact: “My favorite place that I have visited is Cozumel, Mexico.”

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Ritoma Ganguly

Staff Writer

Grade: 10 Hobbies: Dancing, swimming, Debate, LoCo Fun Fact: "I can speak four languages."

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Kathryn Harter

Staff Writer

Grade: 11 Extra Curricular Activities: Theatre, fish feeding, sleeping Fun Fact: "I woke up like this."

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Kyla Hatton

Staff Writer

Grade: 11 Hobbies: Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Spanish Club Fun Fact: "I'm Canadian, eh."

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Hannah Hoffmann

News Editor

Grade: 9  Hobbies: Anything related to theatre, drawing, writing, perusing the internet Fun Fact: "I was TIME Magazine's... 

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Macky Kavanaugh

Staff Writer

Grade: 12 Hobbies: Alpaca farming, riding ostriches into the sunset, acting Fun Fact: "I am the pillow pet prototype."

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Sydney Kinzy

Features Editor

Grade: 9 Hobbies: Listening to music, creative writing, hanging out with friends Fun Fact: "My favorite band is Imagine Dragons."

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Claire Martin

Staff Writer

Grade: 10 Hobbies: Tennis, reading, COW, French Club Fun Fact: “ I like to play tennis.”

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Stephanie Quoss

Staff Newscaster

Grade: 12 Hobbies: Tennis, Lacrosse, working Fun Facts: "To be determined."

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Bailey Rathert

Staff Blogger

Grade: 11 Hobbies: Exploring STL, Shopping, Netflixing, Geocaching Fun Fact: 'To be determined."

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Vaishali Shah

Staff Writer

Grade: 9 Hobbies: Running, drawing, reading Fun Fact: "I have been to six continents."

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Nico Stranquist

Staff Writer

Grade: 11 Hobbies: Soccer, Table Tennis, Chess Fun Fact: "To be determined."

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Bayleigh Williams

Staff Writer

Grade: 12 Hobbies: Jazz Choir, writing, watching Netflix Fun Fact: "I've been to Tanzania, East Africa and slept in the Serengeti."

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Betsy Wait

Staff Writer

Grade: 9 Hobbies: XC, playing ukulele, swimming, hanging out with friends and family, camping Fun Fact: "I'm good at pogo sticking."

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Pathfinder Editorial Board

Misc. Editors

Articles posted by the Pathfinder Editorial Board, a coalition of Section Editors and Editors-in-Chief.

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