2014-2015 Pathfinder Staff

Grant Aden

Staff Writer

Grade:10 Extracurriculars: Cross Country, Track, Winter Running Club, juggling, making videos and movies. What... 

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Shannon Anderson


Grade: 11 Extracurriculars: Field Hockey, LoCo, COW, Beta Chi Pi, reading, snowboarding What do you... 

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Matt Blake

Staff Writer

Grade: 11 Hobbies: Playing sports, hanging out with friends Fun Fact: "Math is my favorite class."

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Lily Briscoe

Staff Writer

Grade:11 Extracurriculars: Soccer, Tennis, LoCo, Special Olympics, Fashion Club, WOW, Young Life What do you like about... 

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Sarah Burnham

Staff Writer

Grade:11 Extracurriculars: rowing What do you like about The Pathfinder? I like how the newspaper is actually... 

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Bobby Connor

Staff Writer

Grade:11 Extracurriculars: Varsity Football and Varsity Baseball What do you like about The Pathfinder?... 

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Jacob Cupps


Grade: 11 Extracurriculars: songwriting, singing, playing guitar, listening to music, ultimate frisbee, Cross Country, Track, Winter Running... 

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Emily Dickson

Staff Writer

Grade:9 Extracurriculars: Dance and COCA’s Ballet Eclectica company, orchestra, Latin Club What do you like about... 

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Rachel Ellis

Staff Writer

Grade: 12 ExtraCurricular Activities:  Peer Teaching, Boys Volleyball Manager, Yearbook, Volleyball, Guitar What I... 

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Tashaun Ewing

Staff Writer

Grade: 12 Extracurriculars: Track, Improv, spreading the good vibes What do you like about The Pathfinder?... 

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Katerina Frederick

Staff Writer

Grade: 9 Extracurriculars: Debate, Lacrosse What do you like about the Pathfinder? I like how it is set up... 

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Mary Galkowski

Staff Newscaster

Grade: 11 Extracurriculars: Volleyball, Longhorn Council, Philanthropy Officer, DECA, Peer Teaching What... 

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Kathryn Harter

Staff Writer

Grade:11 Extracurriculars: Theatre, Feminist Club leader, Reflections and the Improv Team What do you... 

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Kyla Hatton

Staff Writer

Grade:11 Extracurriculars: Peer Teaching, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, NHS, Link Crew, Feminist Club What... 

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Hannah Hoffmann

News Editor

Grade:  Extracurriculars: Procrastinating, drawing, writing, wasting time on the internet, pretending I know what I'm doing with life ... 

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Charlie Huff

Staff Newscaster

Grade: 12 Extracurriculars: Social Justice League, Improv, Theatre Dept. Officer What do you like about The Pathfinder?... 

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Macky Kavanaugh

Staff Writer

Grade: 12 Extracurriculars: hangin’ with the squad, looking at cool rocks, yoga, socializing, painting, skateboarding ... 

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Sydney Kinzy

Features Editor

Grade:9 Extracurriculars: creative writing, listening to music, hanging out with friends What do you... 

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Claire Martin

Staff Writer

Grade:10 Extracurriculars: Tennis, COW What do you like about The Pathfinder? I like being able... 

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Sophia McMorrow

Staff Writer

Grade:9 Extracurriculars:violin, piano, listening to music, volunteering, relaxing What do you like about... 

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Mary Moriarity

Staff Writer

Grade:9 What do you like about The Pathfinder? The stories are always interesting and informative. How would you describe... 

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Stephanie Quoss

Staff Newscaster

Grade: 12 Extracurriculars: I'm captain of both Varsity Lacrosse and Tennis and a member of Peer Teaching. What... 

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Bailey Rathert

Staff Blogger

Grade:11 Extracurriculars: shopping, Netflixing, eating What do you like about The Pathfinder?... 

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Vaishali Shah

Staff Writer

Grade:9 Extracurriculars: running, drawing, reading What do you like about The Pathfinder? I... 

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Nico Stranquist

Staff Writer

Grade: 11 Extracurriculars: Soccer, Lacrosse, Chess, table tennis What do you like about The Pathfinder?... 

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Liza Tarakanova

Staff Writer

Grade: 10 Extracurriculars: Speech and Debate, Women of West, Chess Club, writing poems, piano, reading ft do you like... 

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Gabi Thompson

Staff Writer

Grade:9 Extracurricular Activities: I enjoy writing fictional stories in my free time. What do you like about The Pathfinder?... 

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Betsy Wait

Staff Writer

Grade:9 Extracurriculars: Cross Country, Winter Running Club, ukulele, singing and Bible study What... 

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Bayleigh Williams

Staff Writer

Grade:12 Extracurriculars: all-womens’ suburban honors choir What do you like about The Pathfinder?... 

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Allie Wills

Staff Writer

Grade:11 Extracurriculars: Marching Band, Jazz Combo, National Honors Society, Beta Chi Pi, Mu Alpha Theta What do you... 

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Articles posted by the Pathfinder Editorial Board, a coalition of Section Editors and Editors-in-Chief.

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