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“Im passionate about volleyball. Ive been playing for six years. I play it because I like the way that, [even though,] its a team sport, its also focused on [a person] individually; especially in my position since Im the back row defense where the ball can hit me. Its [up to] me, I can’t blame anybody else. I like how its very focused on [the] performance and how well [I] react to how the other team plays. The way I play really matters to me because it’s a team sport and I dont want to let my teammates down.” Emma Barton, 9

Emma Barton

Mahiya Pallipat, CJ1 Writer April 18, 2024

“My favorite hobby is volleyball. I’ve been playing since third grade, and I play for a club outside of school, and I also play for the school team. I love the supportive environment in volleyball, and everyone on the club team is my best friend, so volleyball is a way I get to see them almost every day. There was once when I sprained my ankle, and it took me out for a couple of weeks. It’s a bad feeling because you just have to sit on the sidelines and watch your teammates play, and sometimes your teammates will be losing and you can’t do anything to help them. I usually end up spraining my ankle at least once a season, though, so I’ve gotten used to it since almost everyone gets hurt at least once a season. What keeps me motivated in volleyball is not wanting to let my teammates down. I know some of them want to play volleyball in college, and so I always want to play my best to give them the best games and not take away any of their opportunities.” - Abby Vogelgesang, 11

Abby Vogelgesang

Angie Ren, Staff Writer May 26, 2023

“One of the happiest things I can remember lately is when [I was] at a volleyball tournament. After playing three games, we had busted our butts working to win the point and it was tied at 27. We ended up winning 28-27 and it came down to that last point. Everyone was so happy and really excited in the moment [that] we were able to win the game. Im a middle hitter for Parkway Lightning Volleyball Club, and Ive [been playing] for five years. [My favorite thing about] volleyball is the people Im surrounding myself with, because these people are very uplifting and they push me to be a better version of myself, not only [as] a player but as a human being.” - Gabriella Black, 10

Gabriella Black

Triya Gudipati, Staff Writer January 26, 2023

Maddy Bach

Maddy Bach

Annie Deckelbaum, CJ1 Writer November 14, 2022

“My favorite part of school has been volleyball. Volleyball plays a big part in my happiness. I'm very interested in it, and I get excited every day that we have practices where I get to see everyone....

Trisha Francis

Trisha Francis

Keira Lang, CJ1 Writer November 4, 2022

“I play volleyball on the freshmen team. I’m a defensive specialist. I don’t have a particular reason why I like volleyball so much, it’s just really fun to play. It’s always a good time with...

Digging their sandy toes into the ground, seniors Areeb Hasan and Uzair Mohsin prepare to block senior Nathan Meek’s spike, set up by seniors Manoah Inje and Gordon Yu. The boys took time to hype each other up after plays. “Theres a lot of boosting each other up. As you play, you have like five people telling you how great you are and that feels great. When we get off [the pit], people always comment like Oh, so-and-so has gotten so good at this.’ I love that we’re learning and having a good time,” Meek said.

A net gain: senior boys spend quality time in the sand volleyball pits

Brinda Ambal, Conceptual Editor-in-Chief January 13, 2022

In an age where students have become increasingly focused on grades, extracurriculars and college applications, a group of boys have taken to playing amateur sand volleyball at Edgar M. Queeny County Park...

After scoring the winning point, senior Matt Cosgrove holds the State Champions plaque above his teammates. Seconds later the crowds stormed the court in celebration. “It was just unreal. I was speechless to finally win after talking about it for more than a year.  Unreal feeling,” Cosgrove said. (Photo courtesy of Matt Cosgrove)

A team above all, above all a team

Makinsey Drake, Staff Writer June 4, 2021

Bringing home the first boys varsity State Champions title since 2003, the boys conquered Webster this past weekend 3 to 0. Reaching a goal set in the 2020 season taken away from the team due to COVID-19,...

In this photo-gallery, read about the JV sports team’s season summary.

Spring JV season wrap up

Elle Rotter, Awards Coordinator May 24, 2021

With the spring sports season jumping to a close, team members say good-bye to their seniors and continue practicing for their next season. In this photo-gallery, team members describe how they felt about...

Participating in a sendoff for the girls varsity volleyball team Nov. 5, seniors Lexie Pilz and Leah Selm hold posters to cheer on their friends. Pilz attended both the sendoff and the State championship game. It felt good to be able to support them through all this and watch them do such amazing things in their season, Pilz said. They worked so hard for this, and I am beyond proud of my amazing friends and all they accomplished while dominating the court.

Photo of the Week–Nov. 2

Kathryn McAuliffe, Managing Editor in Chief November 6, 2020

Kicking the ball deep into the end zone, senior Matt Cosgrove sends his team’s opponent, Webster Groves, back. Cosgrove started kicking for the team after his spring volleyball season was canceled last year. “I didn’t think we were going to have any games because I thought they would all be canceled due to COVID, but then we did, and I was excited,” Cosgrove said.

Matt Cosgrove: from Division I volleyball player to football kicker

Alli VanValkenburgh, Staff Writer November 4, 2020

After missing his spring volleyball season, senior Matt Cosgrove took on the position of kicker for the football team.  Cosgrove fractured his hip his freshman year going into his first high school...

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