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A season-ending injury to a speedy recovery

Smiling before surgery, junior Tim Nelson holds a teddy bear. Nelson was excited to undergo surgery so that he could begin the long recovery process. “After the pain goes away, I know [the  recovery process] will be easy,” Nelson said. “I just need to have patience, and that's kind of something I don't have all the time.”

Victoria Neeser, Convergence Journalism Writer

December 11, 2019

During the second play of the varsity football game against Oakville, junior Tim Nelson began running to the left to get off the block. As he carried the ball to make a cut to the right, his foot got stuck in the turf. “When I tripped and fell, some people rolled over my knee,” Nelson said. ...

Senior Brayden Eddy knocks out football to pursue wrestling

Senior Brayden Eddy pins down his opponent from Parkway South. Eddy wrestles year-round now that he has more time without football. “I don’t really feel anything during the match. It’s just me and the other guy wrestling,” Eddy said. “I try not to bring my emotions into my matches.”

Fatema Rehmani, Awards Coordinator

October 31, 2019

Running down the football field, ball in hand, senior Brayden Eddy considers the pain in his neck and the ramifications that a severe football-induced injury could have on his future.  “[I started playing] because it was the thing to do; everybody played football. I lived in Texas, so it was su...

Fall sports sweep Parkway South

Junior forward Ali-Raza Rizvi dribbles the ball across the field as he searches for a teammate to get an open shot. The boys JV soccer team came out on top with a win 3-1 at Parkway South to give momentum heading into the rest of the season. “Although in soccer I try to keep my mindset the same against every team I play, against rivals the intensity rises before the game even starts,” Rizvi said. “In order to prepare for these types of games, I let the intensity fuel me to play even better than normal games.”

Tre Bell, Staff Writer

October 30, 2019

#BeatSouth was the motto for the beginning of the fall season when the varsity softball, field hockey, all levels of the football and soccer teams and all levels of the tennis team came out with wins over South.  “Our athletes certainly spend a lot of time improving their craft and preparing and focusing...

Week of Sept 7 – 11

The Longhorn cheerleaders pump up the crowd in last weeks game against University City.

Mary Galkowski, Staff Writer

September 15, 2015

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Football’s winning mindset

Before the third home game, against Rockwood Summit, senior Abryon Givins rips through the banner the varsity cheerleaders made. “Home games were great because we had our school cheering for us and we wanted to win for our home team.  At away games we did not have that kind of support,” Givins said.

Lily Briscoe, Staff Writer

October 24, 2014

With a record of 3-6 with one game left in the season, the football team is not looking at in as a loss. “We're a great team, and we are great at team bonding. We're so close that our team is like a brotherhood basically. I believe that it is all about the experience, and even though we might not...

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