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Coaches share the disappointment with student-athletes regarding canceled sport seasons

Preparing his team for the upcoming girls lacrosse season, coach Tom Herpel directs his players during the parent/ player game, not knowing the coronavirus would halt the season from begining. With all the varsity players returning, hopes were high for a winning season. “I was heartbroken. I knew how hard the girls worked over the past couple years to put themselves in a position to be so successful,

Cooper Walkoff, Convergent Media Writer

May 21, 2020

Student-athletes aren't the only ones who are disappointed with their seasons being cancelled due to the coronavirus. The coaches are equally frustrated about not being able to lead their teams during the spring.  “This season we had a very strong team with exceptional volleyball skill and knowle...

Latin teacher Tom Herpel works to form meaningful connections with students and athletes

Latin teacher Tom Herpel entertains students with a sword and a gladiator helmet. In class, Herpel focused on the learning process while making the class enjoyable for students and involving cultural experiences. “I’ll always remember the vocative tense, or command tense, because we learned it and vocab by doing yoga-like the game Twister,” Rutledge said.

Olivia Zerega, Convergence Journalism Writer

December 17, 2019

Whether it is in the classroom or on the soccer field, Latin teacher and varsity boys soccer coach Tom Herpel preaches perseverance and guides students to be the best versions of themselves. Herpel is in the business of building relationships with all he comes into contact with. “He gave me ad...

Editorial: Teacher versus colleague of the year

Writing a Teacher of the Year nomination note in World History teacher Amy Thornhill’s class, sophomore Kate Yates gets the opportunity to thank her teacher of choice, as well as possibly nominate them as Teacher of the Year. “[Teachers] spend so much time and effort to teach us and make sure we understand the content. We need a way to appreciate them so they know we are thankful for everything they do for us,” Yates said. “We should [have a say] because we spend the most time with [teachers]. We are the ones in their classes all day.”

Drew Boone and Brinda Ambal

November 26, 2019

Each November, staff members receive an email encouraging them to nominate a fellow staff member for the annual school-wide Teacher of the Year award. However, when students are the ones first-handedly experiencing instruction, isn’t it conducive that students’ opinions should count? The process in...

Students bring a dead language to life

In a hands-on activity, freshmen Claire LeDuc and Claire Folkins write curse tablets in Latin 2 . After learning about how Romans used wax tablets to write curses on gravestones of people who wronged them, the class tried to replicate them. “It taught me more in depth about how people used to live back in Rome,” LeDuc said.

Fatema Rehmani, Staff Writer

February 26, 2019

Reading the works of classical authors like Cicero and translating, Latin students focus on bringing back Roman history. Labeled as “dead” and thought of as ancient or a language of the past, Latin teacher Tom Herpel works to keep it alive. “I chose Latin because at the time I was studying for the spel...

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