The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Latin students pose for a group photo in front of historical ruins in Italy. From March 13 to March 23, the Latin department traversed cities in Italy to immerse students in an educational experience of a lifetime. “I enjoyed being able to learn about the different cultures. [The trip] encouraged me to see other peoples lifestyle and learn more about different histories,” senior Suraiya Saroar said.

Tourist adventures: Latin students explore Italy

Keira Lang and Zoya Hasan April 3, 2024

From March 13 to March 23, Latin students from a combination of three Parkway schools —West, South, and Central— went on a 10-day trip to Italy. The group consisted of 40 students ranging from Latin...

Following a district announcement that Latin A and B will be removed from course registration at the middle school, teachers and students with ties to the language have been disappointed. However, some Latin students are taking strides to promote enrollment to rising freshmen. “Even if [the administration] is making these decisions based on numbers, there is a human element that should be considered. How does this affect other teachers? How does this affect families? How does it affect your financial bottom line? As Parkway moves towards a student choice schedule, we need to allow all possible options: including Latin,” Latin teacher Tom Herpel said.

The loss of a language

Madi Michajliczenko, Conceptual Editor-in-Chief March 2, 2023

What causes a language to die? Is it when people stop speaking it? Reading it? Writing it? Historians have long regarded Latin as a dead language because it no longer has native speakers. However, they...

When people think of love, most picture a stereotypical romantic relationship, but this year, a compilation of various love stories shows that love is so much more than what the media commonly portrays on Valentine’s Day. “Love can be anything you want it to be,” junior Katherine Goodwin said.

What is love?

Audrey Ghosh and Claire Creely February 14, 2023

When you first hear the word love, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the person who gives you butterflies or the person who raised you. Perhaps it's that friend you play Mario Kart with all night, talking...

In an intense game between Argentina and France, the entire world tuned in to watch the FIFA World Cup. But behind this tantalizing game remained questionable decisions FIFA got away with. “I love soccer so much, but I hate that it has to become a political thing,” varsity soccer player and junior Ava Relihan said. “Coming from the United States, where we do have so many rights, I don’t like [that] we’re hosting a global [event] in a place where so many rights are restricted.”

A red card for FIFA

Audrey Ghosh, Anna Claywell, and Serena Liu December 22, 2022

Blinding lights flood packed stadiums, illuminating the world’s greatest soccer players. But, as billions of eyes were watching the long-awaited FIFA World Cup, Qatar’s human rights violations —...

Latin teacher Tom Herpel prepares to cut a piece of wood with his table saw. He has enjoyed woodworking for several years now because of the creativity it requires. “With woodworking, I like that you can think of anything and make it a reality, especially if you have the right tools,” Herpel said.

From classics to carpentry

Tiffany Ung, Staff Writer April 22, 2022

Getting a driver’s license is one of the most exciting moments for a teen. The possibilities are endless with the keys to freedom and the family car. However, one of the most important indicators of...

In Latin teacher Tom Herpel’s Latin 3 class, Herpel sets up a chariot race in his room. Junior Madi Michajliczenko won the first race in a series of six and was crowned with the laurel wreath of victory. “The race was weirdly stressful. The entire class was cheering for who they wanted to win and counting laps. At one point, everyone lost count, and I had to complete an extra lap to make sure I got the seven needed. When I finally crossed the finish line, Katie Henak, the person counting my laps, and I were excited because I won,” Michajliczenko said.

Latin teacher Tom Herpel shares the benefits of his course

Jordan Scales, Staff Writer April 11, 2022

With more than half of English words rooted in Latin, Latin teacher Tom Herpel is surprised that only 100 students enrolled in the 22-23 school year program. Herpel believes that students think Latin is...

Alumni Grant Aden and Emily Dickson take a photo with their former Latin teacher Tom Herpel to commemorate their engagement. The two have dated for six years and will be living together in Omaha, Neb. as of summer 2022. “What Im most excited about getting married is coming back to St. Louis at some point. I think as much as I [pretend] I dont like St. Louis, we definitely want to come back to raise our family,” Dickson said. “Im looking forward to that, and Grant wants to be a pediatrician. Hes just so good with kids. Im excited about that chapter of our lives.”

A pop quiz proposal

Madi Michajliczenko, Staff Writer February 14, 2022

For many students, the mention of the words “pop quiz” creates a feeling of panic. However, alumnus Grant Aden, class of 2017, and alumna Emily Dickson, class of 2018, have come to know a different...

English teacher Dan Barnes points to a book that was eaten by his student’s dog.

“My dog ate my homework”

Addie Gleason, Staff Writer December 1, 2021

Starting out at a new school, teachers carefully craft lesson plans and decorate their classrooms, preparing for the typical trials and tribulations of the everyday class commotion. However, there are...

Preparing his team for the upcoming girls lacrosse season, coach Tom Herpel directs his players during the parent/ player game, not knowing the coronavirus would halt the season from begining. With all the varsity players returning, hopes were high for a winning season. “I was heartbroken. I knew how hard the girls worked over the past couple years to put themselves in a position to be so successful, Herpel said. It was terrible to think about what could have been but never would be.

Coaches share the disappointment with student-athletes regarding canceled sport seasons

Cooper Walkoff, Convergent Media Writer May 21, 2020

Student-athletes aren't the only ones who are disappointed with their seasons being cancelled due to the coronavirus. The coaches are equally frustrated about not being able to lead their teams during...

Latin teacher Tom Herpel entertains students with a sword and a gladiator helmet. In class, Herpel focused on the learning process while making the class enjoyable for students and involving cultural experiences. “I’ll always remember the vocative tense, or command tense, because we learned it and vocab by doing yoga-like the game Twister,” Rutledge said.

Latin teacher Tom Herpel works to form meaningful connections with students and athletes

Olivia Zerega, Convergence Journalism Writer December 17, 2019

Whether it is in the classroom or on the soccer field, Latin teacher and varsity boys soccer coach Tom Herpel preaches perseverance and guides students to be the best versions of themselves. Herpel...

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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High
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