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5. The official freshman guide to finals: By peers; for peers

Some students utilize the library as a place to organize their study materials. The library is open to all students and offers computers, textbooks, whiteboards and a place to sit.

Zoe DeYoung, Staff Writer

December 11, 2019

On these final days leading up to finals (pun intended), study habits spring into full force. This is the time where students buckle down, lock themselves inside their room with Cheez-its and a textbook and start hitting the books. While Quizlet and notecards are great study tactics, they can often b...

Fighting stigmas and the Pink Tax by ‘Going with the Flow’

Highlighting the importance of access to feminine hygiene products for all, sophomores Anna Newberry, Mira Nalbandian, Santi Lugo and Mason Paul model their future club plans. Newberry believes inaccessibility of products can lead to health issues, embarrassment and even a lack of belonging. “I want to stock bathrooms with feminine hygiene products to help reduce stigma and embarrassment that can come with having a period,” Newberry said. “I know [I] haven’t come to school before because I was embarrassed and wanted to go home, or I was in pain or didn’t have what I needed to have. I feel like everyone has a right to be here, and I feel like no one should feel like they can’t come to school.”

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer

September 27, 2019

Period. Any mention of this word will probably result in a flurry of teenage boys scurrying to distance themselves from the speaker as fast as humanly possible.  However, sophomores Anna Newberry and Mira Nalbandian created the club Go with the Flow in hopes of destigmatizing periods, providing ea...

Coding robots to understand point of view: English students bring technology into the classroom

Coding a robot to better understand the perspective of characters in the class novel, sophomores Taylor Burns and Fatimah Hussain feel frustration at their robot due to their “character” limitations. This lesson taught students real-world skills such as trial and error, working together and teamwork. “There were some people getting really frustrated because they couldn’t figure it out, but they kept trying, kept experimenting and those were the sort of life skills that work their way into lessons like these,” Honors English II teacher Erin Fluchel said.

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer

September 20, 2019

Small white and blue spheres crawl around the library as students in Erin Fluchel and Casey Holland's Honors English II classes compete in a set of obstacles.  Students were responsible for coding robots that experienced limitations representative of the ones each character faced in the Lord of the Fli...

Increased enrollment leads to new parking policies

With increased enrollment, 380 students were allowed to pay $85 for a parking permit. There are currently no more spots being sold. “Based on however many junior and senior parking permits we give out at the beginning of the year, will usually determine how many more spots we have to sell for the rest of the year,

Drew Boone, Staff Writer

September 3, 2019

It’s a right of passage many seniors, juniors and a handful of sophomores enjoy, purchasing an $85 space to ensure they can drive to school. However, due to increased enrollment, the plan has been revised. “All parking passes that we had available at the beginning of the year are now sold, so th...

Sophomores Megan VanValkenburgh and Mallory Stirrat go from swimmers to coaches

Standing next to the pool, sophomores Megan VanValkenburgh and Mallory Stirrat pose for a team picture. VanValkenburgh and Stirrat assisted the swim team in competing in meets over the summer against other neighborhood pools. “Ever since I was young, I’ve always helped out with Cedarmill, even if I wasn’t getting paid. My dad’s always been involved, so I’ve always been doing it alongside him,”

Lilly Francis, Convergent media Writer

August 26, 2019

After swimming summer league for Cedarmill Swim Club for 11 years, sophomores Megan VanValkenburgh and Mallory Stirrat took on the role of coaching for kids ages 4 to 12 involved in the program, teaching them the proper techniques of swimming.  “As coaches we make swim team a fun experience by...

Sophomores Izzie Finlinson, Will Bonnett and Emily Voyles take the trek of their ancestors

Pulling a handcart through the woods, sophomore Izzie Finlinson (middle) takes part in the women’s pull part of the journey. Many of the pioneers taking the trek lost or had to leave their husbands along the way, so they were the ones who had to pull the carts along the end of the trail. “This pull was a really emotional time for all of us because we were able to put ourselves in those women’s shoes during a time where they really struggled,” Finlinson said.

Lilly Francis, Convergent Media Writer

August 22, 2019

Hiking 15 miles through woods, over hills and across rivers all through torrential rain, sophomores Izzie Finlinson, Will Bonnett and Emily Voyles, alongside many of their peers, took part in a weekend trip put together by their church, Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The trip is known as “Trek” and was designed to help students...

Longhorn community reflects on spring break

Climbing over boulders, junior Tabatha Saake visits Elephant Rocks State Park in Belleview, MO.

Kyla Hatton, Staff Writer

April 1, 2015

Students went all over the world for spring break, or just stayed at home and enjoyed St. Louis.

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