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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


“I have been playing football for a long time and have enjoyed it. This year especially, I had so much fun. I was very happy when I made varsity because freshmen dont usually make the team [their first year of high school.] I love being around the guys [on the team] and I am going to miss the senior [mentors] next year. I will never forget the impact the seniors and Coach Duncan had on me. It was not only a team, it was a family. I felt like I belonged.” - Ethan Bain, 9

Ethan Baine

Noor Hacking, CJ1 Writer May 21, 2024

Though the 13 year anticipation of graduation has finally culminated to its climax, the conflicted emotional baggage that comes along with it hasn’t settled down just yet. With one final summer left with the class of 2024, reminiscing in the good times, while making memories and preparing for the future, the tracks associated with the season are bound to become, in the words of singer-songwriter Dua Lipa, “Future Nostalgia.” So blast that song, scream that tune and anything else that’ll solidify the moments and memories made with the graduated seniors.

You’re gonna go far

Triya Gudipati, Editor-in-Chief May 20, 2024

This weekend, Parkway West said its final goodbye to the class of 2024. From entering high school as confused teenagers, navigating education through Zoom boxes and online learning, to exiting as mature,...

As seniors complete their final assignments, tests and work of the school year, they reflect on their time in Convergence Journalism.

Seniors signing off

Emily Early I began Convergence Journalism 1 as a freshman on a Zoom call. It feels like a lifetime ago. Sitting next to my mom in my dining room, I remember feeling so scared and so small in such a...

Senior Insights

Audrey Ghosh and Sravya Reddy Guda May 6, 2024

 Parkway West High School seniors share advice that they would give their younger selves. 

As students approach adulthood, it is essential for them to learn about the status quo from all perspectives possible. While in school, students have opportunities to engage in activities, discussions and lessons to enhance their knowledge. “People will be afraid to speak out on their political views if they know that those around them disagree with them, but we definitely talk about political issues around school. We encourage people to share different political views and make sure that no one is excluded,” sophomore Ryan Shabani said.

Drivers of change: Society’s role in the generational influence of politics

Pathfinder Editorial Board February 29, 2024

Make America Great Again. Finish the Job. Everyone’s Invited. Make America Normal Again. Declare Your Independence.  With the 2024 presidential election less than nine months away, campaigns and...

Prior to their State final round, A Team ran into Mo the mascot, smiling for a picture. With half of A Team graduating this year, senior Owen Arneson hopes that their State title will attract more people to the program. “No matter what you show up there to do, as long as you have a positive attitude and have a good time, [you’ll] be fine because you can compete as seriously or casually as you want,” Arneson said.

The road to victory: Scholar Bowl clinches their first-ever state title one buzz at a time

Triya Gudipati, News Editor June 2, 2023

On May 6, seven West students traveled to the University of Missouri to compete in the MSHSAA Scholar Bowl State Championship. Ranging from freshmen to seniors, these members of the A-Team placed first...

Loading the hands and getting ready to swing it, Senior Grant Meert is taking his place to face the pitch in the last game of the season against Marquette High School. Meert has been playing baseball since age three.“I love baseball and like with anything else in life, youre gonna have your ups and downs,” Meert said.

Athletes of West: Episode 5

Raj Jaladi, Newsletter Editor June 1, 2023

  In this episode, meet senior Grant Meert, who was accepted into Johns Hopkins University to play D3 baseball. Listen to learn the secrets behind his success. TRANSCRIPT Junior Raj Jaladi:...

Wednesday and Thursday seniors gathered in the cafeteria to create the hand wall for 2023. Senior Joseph Britt removes his hand from the wall, leaving his mark amongst the other handprints of peers. “There’s that knowledge that we are passing down with our legacy. The hand wall is a visual representation of [our legacy] to show that we were here,” Britt said. “I remember voting [for the design] a while back and I liked the Monopoly board a lot. Seeing some of the other hand walls that are up there I like ours [the most].”

Photo of the Week – April 6

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief April 6, 2023

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