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Senior Seaira Knight and junior Lana Hughes celebrate friendship through marriage

Listening to junior and unofficial marriage officiant Gillian Davis, senior Seaira Knight and junior Lana Hughes practice for their “wedding.” Having met in middle school, Knight and Hughes developed a close, platonic relationship that became mistaken as romantic over the years. “Everyone thinks we’re dating, so it became a joke. [On] Valentine’s Day, it became a fake proposal. That’s how the whole ‘marriage joke’ started,” Hughes said.

Fatema Rehmani and Nayeon Ryu

November 22, 2019

For most, marriage is a union between two people who love each other romantically and wish to legally bind their relationship. For senior Seaira Knight and junior Lana Hughes, marriage is the union and celebration of two best friends.  Knight and Hughes plan to wed in the theater at 7:05 a.m. Dec. 2...

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