The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Seniors Grace Fotheringham, Kelsea Wilson, Luisa DAquino Lazarini and Ibrahim Hacking pose together after attending Parkway’s Educators’ Signing Night. Students were encouraged to invite family, friends and teachers to watch. “Signing days are cute, and I never committed to a sport, so I never really thought I would have the opportunity. I’m excited that I [got] to be a part of a signing day for education. On signing night, it was wholesome to see everyone’s future plans and invite my family and teachers. It made me realize how important teaching is and how we need more teachers,” Wilson said.

Fueling the future of education

Lia Emry, Staff Writer May 19, 2023
When you think of signing day, you probably picture athletes committing to sports, but Spark! is changing that idea one student at a time.
Junior Krish Baghat and seniors Camilla Mantilla, Allie Byergo and Ella Carver took home the prize for their business, Icona Apparel. Byergo placed first in the annual Spark! competition, winning $350. “Pitch competitions have benefited me by forcing me to think critically, take critiques and practice public speaking. These events also encourage our team to stay organized, as we must be able to present our business model to judges effectively,” Byergo said.

Photo by Xanthe Meyer

Spark!: an early start on work experience

Makinsey Drake, Staff Writer May 17, 2023

A spark from an Experiential Learning Task Force in 2014 lit the fire for a new learning opportunity for students. Director of Choice Programs Jennifer Stanfill joined a group of teachers, community members,...

“My first two years of high school I don’t even consider to count. Freshman year I honestly dont even remember [what we learned] and it was cut short. I was virtual my entire sophomore year and took the time to focus on academics, dance and myself. The pandemic definitely caused me to lose motivation during my sophomore year. It took a lot of effort during my junior year to jump back into staying focused and taking school seriously. Junior year, I met a freshman on poms named Poppi Wright, shes meant so much to me ever since. Were very similar, its weird. We clicked instantly and I just absolutely adore her. Throughout high school, one unforgettable moment for me was joining the yearbook staff. I absolutely adore [journalism teacher Debra] Klevens and taking her class was the best decision I made. I found a true passion in designing and making yearbook spreads. I got really into it and by my senior year, I was made an editor. I love going to Klevens room after other classes I dont enjoy as much. I’m a student aide for her so I have her every day and I love it. I honestly feel like I had two true years of high school, my junior and senior year. Im most proud that I just survived the journey. I can say I was in high school during a pandemic and still managed to get into college, continued dancing and formed new relationships.” - Kelsea Wilson, 12

Kelsea Wilson

Lia Emry , Staff Writer February 1, 2023

The senior boys dress in suits and jerseys to cheer on the Powder Puff competitors. Senior Derrien Gatchel initiated the suit trend last Powder Puff season. “The thought process was [to pretend we were dressing for] a business trip. Since we won last year, we had to do it again this year,” Gatchel said.

Halfway There!

Makinsey Drake, Multimedia Editor January 19, 2023

Wearing perception goggles, junior Norah Freed attempts to throw a tennis ball into a trash can. In AP psychology, students learned about the human senses and perception and how they could be altered. “When I put on the goggles, everything looked rainbow and there were blindspots everywhere. If the tennis ball was to the right, I reached to the left,” Freed said. “It was so funny watching everyone try to get the ball in the trash can. Nobody was even close.”

Photo of the Week – Oct. 21

Kelsea Wilson, Staff Writer October 21, 2022

Fresh off their first performance at Red and Blue Night, freshman Kelsea Wilson hugs her sister, senior Kristin Wilson, excited that they completed their first routine together. Both tried out for poms and were excited to make varsity, it being the only year they will both be on the team. “My favorite part is the games, getting ready with her beforehand and having our parents get to watch us both perform,” Kristin said.

Senior Kristin Wilson and freshman Kelsea Wilson take advantage of the chance to dance as teammates

Susie Seidel, Convergence Media Editor September 11, 2019

Sisters share lots of things, whether it be clothes, shoes, a car or even a room. This year, senior Kristin Wilson and freshman Kelsea Wilson are sharing a one time experience of dancing on the varsity...

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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High
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