The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Senior Dana Zafarani poses in paint reading “Women, Life, Freedom” and “#BarayeAzadi” as a protest against the Iranian government. The experiences of Iranian women inspired Zafarani to assist in any effort to protect women’s rights. “The world should live in peace. Every woman deserves to be equal. Every woman deserves love [and] kindness,” Zafarani said.

Woman, Life, Freedom

Will Gonsior, Staff Writer November 14, 2023

An oppressive republic On Sept. 16, 2022, Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini passed away in custody of the Iranian government. Amini had been arrested three days earlier for improperly wearing her hijab. Although...

Cultural appropriation is being called out in mass media and online, but the line between appropriation and appreciation can often be hard to identify. Recently, Asianfishing and Westernization have become more acknowledged by the media, but it’s important to understand exactly why they are harmful. “Cultural appropriation can give [people] the wrong concept of [certain] cultures. They’re seeing what the American media perceives these [cultures] to be, and a lot of times that’s not [what] it [is],” sophomore Anu Pidikiti said.

The Fine Line

Nidhi Pejathaya, Staff Writer December 8, 2022

Blackface. "Spirit animals." Kimonos. In today’s day and age, cultural appropriation — the adoption of one aspect of a culture from another, often disrespecting the original culture — is something...

Photo collage of some of the memes that have resulted from the tension between Iran and the United States.

Social media provides a new outlook amid conflicts with Iran

Leah Schroeder, Staff Writer January 15, 2020

A student scrolls mindlessly through Instagram. Liking posts from the past weekend, pictures of celebrities, photos of food, they come across a meme that jokes about the possibility of World War III.  Many...

U.S. involvement with chemical warfare-- what Social Studies teachers say

U.S. involvement with chemical warfare– what Social Studies teachers say

Kayla Everett, Staff Writer September 9, 2013

Recently unearthed Official Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) files prove that the United States knew about and allowed Saddam Hussein’s usage of sarin and other lethal nerve agents against Iranian troops...

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