Junior Audrey Heathcote attends Washington University medical program

Junior Audrey Heathcote dissects a minx in Human Anatomy and Physiology. The class focuses on the workings of the human body and helps students to learn medical terminology. “The smell was so bad,” Heathcote said. “They smelt worse than cadavers; I almost threw up.”

Maria Newton, Staff Writer

April 30, 2018

Junior Audrey Heathcote participates in Saturday Scholars, a program hosted by Washington University (Wash U) in St. Louis in which selected high school students learn about the medical field through lectures and hands-on experiences in the cadaver lab every Saturday for five weeks. Heathcote fir...

Vaccinations protect the safety of others

Vaccinations protect the safety of others

Liza Tarakanova, Staff Writer

April 5, 2015

Fever, runny nose, sore throat, bad cough. All these are symptoms of the measles, a disease that has been rapidly spreading throughout the United States.

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