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Dancing across the world: senior Natalie Larsen’s post-graduation plans take her to Australia

As a junior, senior Natalie Larsen decided to try the poms team. Joining the team gave her the opportunity to perform more often. “[My dancing] hasn’t been anything performance based for a while since poms, which I think is fine,” Larsen said. “I miss the vindication of performing, but honestly, I don’t miss performing. It’s that respect as a dancer that I miss.”

Zoe DeYoung, Staff Writer

January 7, 2020

She knew her plan. Senior Natalie Larsen would go to a four-year university straight out of high school; she would use her childhood experiences from mission trips with her family to study social work. This is how she planned to make a difference.  “It wasn’t until the very end of last year that I was wonder...

Behind the glitz and glamor: junior Aaliyah Weston’s fight against black stereotypes

Standing alone, junior Aaliyah Weston completes a dance routine while her poms teammates drop to the floor. The team performed with the entire school watching at the Homecoming pep assembly Sept. 28. “Once I got all that applause it was like, ‘Oh, I do matter and I’m a black girl making a change at Parkway West,’” Weston said.

Tyler Kinzy, Sports Editor

December 7, 2018

“Being a token black kid, not being allowed to be angry ever because people just know me as–” Junior Aaliyah Weston pauses, searching for the right words before redirecting her line of thought. “You know when kids say, ‘I have a black friend?’ I’m that black girl, so it’s really hard fo...

Sophomore Maggie Lyerla dances through EDS

Maggie poses by holding her leg behind her in the arabesque position at Queeny Park. “I brought point shoes to the park to take pictures for our Instagrams,” Lyerla said. “Sometimes I do lyrical improv at home and I work on pointe alone because I have to keep up with my strength because my ankles are hypermobile.”

B Antonenko, Staff Writer

March 9, 2018

Passionate about dance, sophomore Maggie Lyerla has been twirling since the age of two. However, she faces a genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), where joints are overly flexible, dislocate easily and that leads to bruised skin. “My joints are more hypermobile than other people. My elbow go...

Sophomore Kristina Humphrey explains what it’s like to be a greek dancer

Dancing to the beat of Greek music, sophomore Kristina Humphrey performs at the 2016 St. Louis County Greek Festival.

Hannah Rushing, Convergent Media Writer

January 27, 2017

Although school activities like orchestra, debate, theater and improv take up a great amount of sophomore Kristina Humphrey’s time, she makes an effort to be involved outside of school in Greek dance as well. Since she was able to walk, Humphrey has participated in Greek dance at her congregation,...

Senior makes a change to King of Hearts music

Students at this year's homecoming dance parade around the room in a conga line.

Dani Fischer, Staff Writer

March 11, 2016

Senior Donte Hopkins is disregarding tradition and trying a new way of picking what music to play at school dances, letting the students choose.

Students get creative with King of Hearts proposals

Students get creative with King of Hearts proposals

Sydney Kinzy, Features Editor

March 7, 2016

Four upperclassmen girls tell the stories of their creative KOH proposals for the upcoming dance.

Student dancers reach the high barre of excellence

Student dancers reach the high barre of excellence

Emily Dickson, Conceptual EiC Intern

November 16, 2015

Four West students share their dance experience in individual interviews with the Pathfinder.

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