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“Im very passionate about debating, [which is why] I am [a member of the] speech and debate team. I like how it offers opportunities to speak [from] viewpoints on different opinions with people outside of our group from other schools around our communities. I usually participate in public forum debates [and] the topic [we speak about] changes every month. One debate that I was most invested in  [took place in] February; which was [about whether or not] the US federal government should ban all single use plastics. I feel like I spent the most time working on this case [than any other discussion], and I was determined to make it into finals. I hold competition very dear to me. I have only gone to two tournaments so far, but Ive already made it into the finals. [Finals are important because], I think it really shows how much growth and [effort you’ve put in through the battle].” - Bethany Liao, 9

Bethany Liao

Emma Barton, CJ1 Writer April 11, 2024

Smiling with Parkway North seniors Sarah Ham and Alison Lam (second and third from right), eight West state qualifiers hold up the iconic DECA symbol. The program has connected over 7,000 high schoolers, giving students the opportunity to network and expand their social circle. “Getting along with people that might be different from you is the most important part of DECA. You learn things about people that you originally wouldnt talk to, and its nice to know how to work with other people [as well as] make new friends in a different area,” junior Laya Krishnakumar said. Courtesy of Laya Krishnakumar

Entrepreneurial endeavors

Triya Gudipati, News Editor April 8, 2024

From March 3-5, 13 students traveled to Kansas City, Mo. to compete in the DECA State Conference. Throughout the days, competitors participated in events ranging from Hospitality and Lodging Management...

“Im excited for what the future holds. [Being a professional dancer] gives me a space where I can just be myself and I can transfer [my] emotions to my dance. My favorite [type of] dance is Jazz. Its really fun and there are a bunch of different styles within it. I can do a bunch of a bunch of tricks, [and]  I like turns. Im most happy [when I’m with] my dance friends because they just get me. Weve grown up together, and theyre really special to me. My biggest struggle is being a perfectionist, because with being a dancer [I] have to get everything right. [I have to have] the right counts, [and do] the tricks right, so [I] just have to be perfect [in] doing things. My favorite memory is probably [going to] nationals. We won the entire competition. We got first place, and it was really fun, seeing everyone in the audience tear up. We were all so happy, we just forgot about all of our worries.” - Poppi Wright, 11

Poppi Wright

Alexia Neeser, CJ1 Writer November 10, 2023

“My biggest accomplishment was when I placed second at nationals for racquetball. I started playing racquetball in sixth grade because I was passionate about beating my brothers in the sport, and it was just fun. My brothers have played racquetball for years, and they inspired me to start. I did not have a winter sport, so I decided I might try racquetball. I am glad I started because I have found a good community through [the sport]. I met many nice people and made good relationships. I beat someone at state, but when [I played singles], I placed second at nationals, I felt defeated. At nationals, I played both singles and doubles. The people I lost to at nationals — [when I played doubles] were upperclassmen, a senior and a junior. Getting that far as a freshman [was] an accomplishment. Racquetball has taught me that pain is temporary and legends are forever. It is painful, but it is worth it.” - Matt Lancia, 10

Matt Lancia

Kate Roland, Staff Writer August 28, 2023

Smiling, freshman Sophia Nguyen poses with her artwork accepted into the Botanical Garden’s art exhibit. Nguyen scrapped and redid her artwork multiple times before settling on the final piece she submitted. “My art style is impacted by my friend and the styles of video games I like. I like their styles and try replicating them sometimes,” Nguyen said.

Botanical brushstrokes

Achyuta Ambal, Staff Writer June 1, 2023

In the middle of the Botanical Garden’s newest art exhibition stands two familiar pieces. Freshmen Sofia Nguyen and Madison Wilson’s works of art were selected for the exhibition over hundreds of submissions...

An article on Psychology Today claims that “social comparison can motivate people to improve, but it can also promote judgmental, biased, and overly competitive or superior attitudes.”

Asking for a friend EP. 2: “Comparing Yourself”

Samir Shaik and Gianna Lionelli May 24, 2023

[MUSIC PLAYS] VOICE OF SOPHOMORE SAMIR SHAIK: Hey, West, I'm Samir Shaik. VOICE OF SOPHOMORE GIANNA LIONELLI: And I'm Gianna Lionelli.  SHAIK: And welcome back to…  LIONELLI: “Asking...

Pattonville High School resumes the Crockpot Cook-off with Parkway West. An assortment of foods prepared by students and families of both schools will be displayed for people to sample. Whichever school earns the most votes wins the crockpot-shaped trophy. “Theres a lot of good food, and people have a lot of good choices. Ultimately, being a West teacher, my allegiances are with West. Im hoping we can be the ones to go into the other school and win the trophy,” Orchestra teacher Ed Sandheinrich said.

The Crockpot Cookoff is back

Esta Kamau, Staff Writer November 4, 2022

The Crockpot Cook-off competition heats up as the orchestra program brings back its annual event on Nov. 5. After a two-year hiatus, the orchestra will reappear at Pattonville High School to compete for...

As senior Rick Biswas reads a packet, junior and Scholar Bowl Executive Captain Owen Arneson keeps track of senior Kevin Zhengs and the rest of his teammates points. Doing this at each of the Scholar Bowl teams practices three times a week allowed Arneson to figure out categories he and his teammates have improved in. Senior and Strategic Captain Anna Csiki-Fejer (not pictured) then helps players find resources to improve in categories the team doesnt cover as well. Im excited to go to tournaments, see some new people and competition, Arneson said. ​We were at a really good spot dedication-wise at the end of last season, but how much more dedication Im already seeing this year looks like a really good sign to me. I love seeing my teammates play well, show good teamwork and have a good time; it makes me really excited to see just how well we can do this year.​

Photo of the Week – Sept. 17

Brinda Ambal, Conceptual Editor-in-Chief September 17, 2021

Seniors Stephen Zhao, Andrew Li, Caleb Canatoy, Joaquin Rendon and Noah Wright work in teams to create tasty dishes for a cooking competition, judged by seniors Maria Newton and Harper Stewart. The boys, also including seniors Tony Galanti, Paul Gipkhin and Umer Mallick, raced against the clock and each other to avoid the losers’ punishment of having some hair waxed off. “Having a friendly competition drove me to try my hardest so that my friends could be impressed,” Li said.

Chopping the competition: senior boys compete in high-stakes cook-off

Maria Newton, Features Section Editor May 8, 2019

The stove was hot and the kitchen began filling with smoke. Eight senior boys ran frantically about the small space in search of utensils and ingredients. Two senior girls, Maria Newton and Harper Stewart,...

Senior Noelle McGuire waves her color guard flags in the air at the Jaguar Pride Marching invitational. The competition was the marching band’s last, and took place this Saturday. Color guard walked away having been awarded “Best Auxiliary,” which has not happened in a long time.

Color guard wins prestigious award

Dani Fischer, Staff Writer October 24, 2017

Saturdays are usually reserved for sleeping in, hanging out with friends, and catching up on sleep. This Saturday, however, the marching band earned the Best Auxiliary Award at the Jaguar Pride Marching...

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