Getting busy-ness: Students share their entrepreneurial pursuits

Sketching on a white canvas, junior Grace Fassler hand designs a canvas with a collage of personalized pictures for each customer. As an entrepreneur, Fassler faced challenges along the way, such as dealing with unresponsive customers. “Sometimes people message me wanting one and when I message them back, they leave me on seen. This irritated me because I didn’t know if I needed to get any supplies or save any,” Fassler said.
October 28, 2020

Men in suits. A boardroom. That may be what comes to mind when you think of business. However, these three female student entrepreneurs portray their beginning from the comfort of their own bedrooms.

Alumnus Andrew Peterson begins new business as a private chef

Beginning his private chef business, alumnus Andrew Peterson decided to create a website to promote. Although the website makes marketing easier, Peterson has noticed that his business has been primarily popularized due to word of mouth. “Just over winter break, I did a dinner for a buddy, and his dad is a photographer, so he took a bunch of pictures for my website,” Peterson said. “It is really just people's word. It is like when you’re going to Amazon, and you see that one of the things has one five star review, but then another one has four hundred 4 star reviews. It is the same deal. [The food] is only as good as the people that are reviewing your food says it is.”
February 28, 2020

At just six years old, 2016 alumnus Andrew Peterson remembers sitting on his kitchen counter cutting vegetables because he was too small to see over the countertop.  "We all helped cook and enjoyed...

Juniors Lauren Crawford and Sara Marks attend Olin Future Women in Business Weekend

Marks and Crawford pose for a group photo along with other students that attended the Olin Future Women In Business weekend. Before attending, Crawford planned to go into the medical field, but now feels suited for a business career. “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go into business. It [the event] opened my eyes, and this is something I’m really interested in now,” Crawford said.
November 15, 2019

In the United States, women launch more than 1,200 new businesses every single day. Hoping to follow in their footsteps, juniors Sara Marks and Lauren Crawford were two of four students from St. Louis...

Business teacher Laura Glenn finds her ‘interest’ in retirement

Business teacher Laura Glenn helps junior Walker Piles with an assignment in class. Throughout her time of teaching, Glenn has taught Accounting, Web Design and Intro to Computer Science and Technology. “The thing I’ll miss the most is working with students and sharing knowledge with them,” Glenn said. “[It’s] really exciting to see how just a little bit of what I might’ve introduced them to here has turned into a career for them and something that they are excited about.”
April 18, 2019

After 17 years of nurturing and cultivating students for their futures, business teacher Laura Glenn has announced her retirement. Before Glenn began teaching high school students, she worked as a certified...

Sophomore Ismail Hacking clocks high earnings selling brand-name shoes

Tossing up Adidas Yeezy Boost’s, sophomore Ismail Hacking shows two pairs of shoes that are currently sold out in the retail marketplace. “My favorite thing to talk about is shoes, I know so much about them and I love to tell other people,” Hacking said.
January 25, 2018

Reselling Yeezys earns sophomore Ismail Hacking up to a profit of $1200 per pair. Yeezys are sneakers made by Adidas, in collaboration with Kanye West, and when new pairs are released on the Adidas website,...

Junior Gokul Venkatachalam chases his dream of being an entrepreneur

Junior Gokul Venkatachalam works on the content with his co-workers for the Threading Twine website. Venkatachalam and his team worked together to fix the errors and post the content after they have finished editing. “Our company is like a big family,” Venkatachalam said. “We check up on each other and push each other so we can provide the best effort we can for our company.”
January 22, 2018

Everyone has to start somewhere, especially in the business world. Effectively working with his partners, Junior Gokul Venkatachalam began his journey of becoming an entrepreneur when his team launched...

Business department moves forward in coffee shop plans with BlueBrew soft opening

Reviewing the marketing research survey, senior Blakely Gibeaut looks at the data to determine the student run coffee shop name. A school wide survey concluded that 32 percent of students were interested in working at BlueBrew. “I think it [the coffee shop] will be a good way for students to get involved at school and it provides a way for people to get real life work experience,” Terry said.
December 21, 2017

A school-run coffee shop is becoming more of a possibility as plans are made for a soft opening of BlueBrew, the winning name for the shop, second semester. “Parkway Central High and Parkway North...

Getting to know business teacher Holly Weber

Weber poses with her husband, Ryan, her six-year old son, Michael and her four-year old son, Braden at the St. Louis Science Center.
September 29, 2017

Pathfinder: What got you interested in teaching? Weber: “My entire family is made up of teachers–my sister, my mom, my dad, my cousins and my grandma. I really think education is just in my blood!” What...

Virtual Enterprise kicks off for second year, adding a second business

Gathered around a computer, the Global Goodies finance team prepares to register their business through Virtual Enterprise.
September 22, 2017

Although the 2016-17 academic year marked the debut of Virtual Enterprise International at West, the program quickly drew national attention with its first company, Spire. Growing student interest in the...

Parkway Students take on the business world

The panel of judges meets before the beginning of the session.
Students pitch in hopes of transitioning ideas to reality
September 19, 2014
On Sept. 18, the 19 students involved with the Spark! program pitched a business idea to a pannel of judges – one group one $500 and a chance to make their ideas a reality.
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