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“[The most influential person in my life is] Indiana guard Xavier Johnson. One day, he had a really good game. [He] didnt miss a shot [and] hit 30 points. I messaged him after the game [and told him] he did a really good job. He has a bunch of followers, so I didnt expect a response. He responded back to me and gave me some words of encouragement. After that, I started playing basketball a lot more and trying to get better. It inspired me to work harder [in life and in basketball].”
— Finn Smith, 9

Finn Smith

4 days ago
“My sister has a genetic disability called Cri Du Chat Syndrome. She doesnt have a full chromosome like most people do. [This] can affect physical appearance. It took her up to seven years to learn how to walk, and she doesnt talk. She communicates a bit with sign language, but most of her signs are just made up. Shes my oldest sister, so since I was born Ive always grown up with a sister who had a disability and needed extra support. Having her as my sister made me mature faster and made me realize at a really young age, “oh, shes not like other people.” [Having her as a sister has also] helped me realize there are a lot of different people in the world and that not everyones the same. Everyone is at different spots in life.”
—Jenna Eickmeier, 9

Jenna Eickmeier

May 19, 2022
“The saddest moment of my life was when my great grandmother died. She lived in Texas, about 30 minutes away from my grandparents. Wed see her twice a year when we went to see my grandparents. She was in a nursing home a lot, but my great grandpa was not until recently. [While they were in the nursing home,] it was sad to see that they [couldn’t] do things that they used to be able to do by themselves. They needed all this help. We would go see them a lot, [and we would] spend time with [and] play board games with them. I [also] liked working on [my great grandpa’s] farm because he worked really hard and [is] kind of like a model [to me]. He was nice to everybody that he met, and I wanted to be like that.”
—Jacob Burch, 9

Jacob Burch

May 17, 2022
“[The saddest moment of my life was] when I was 7. I had a friend [who] was like an older sister to me. She was 18 and in her second week of college when she got into a car accident and died. So it was different because it was a younger person and not someone older. In my experience, when I was little it was always [people I barely knew] that we went to funerals for, and then it was someone who was 18. [My biggest regret is] not spending enough time with the people [I care for] because I feel like there are a lot of people in my life that I dont see enough. When something happens [to them], I get stressed about not seeing them and what I would have done differently if I could see them more.” 
- Lily West, 9

Lily West

May 16, 2022
“[The saddest moment of my life was] when [my dad] left for his deployment. I knew that I wouldnt be able to see him for at least a year. When he was [gone], I was sad all the time. It was the summer [I was] going into second grade, and he found out that he would be deployed [to Florida]. He went to Florida for seven months and 10 days. I only saw him three times, once for Christmas. It was hard because it was just my mom, brother and me. My brother was 4, so he didnt fully understand what was happening. He became very sensitive and developed anger issues because his mind was confused. It was hard to watch my brother be so mad, sad and angry all the time. It was also really hard to watch my mom try to keep it together and be there for my brother and [I]. There was still stuff that had to be done, but my dad wasnt there, so I had to step up and do it. In school, I was shy. I had friends, but I grew distant from them. It was hard to sit in school and learn. I didnt know when [my dad] was coming back, [but when he did], it surprised me, and I was extremely happy.”
— Hannah Zaiser, 9

Hannah Zaiser

May 12, 2022
“[The most influential person in my life] I would say [is] my papa. He has this disease called CADASIL where he is basically shutting down. I dont know how to explain it, but my dad likes to say that its [similar to] a whole house. You can see the whole house is working, but you dont know that an outlet is not working. And slowly if that outlet doesnt work another outlet doesnt work. And then its just this effect that is slowly shutting [him] down. Right now hes on hospice, and its hard seeing and talking to him because I know that he would be there for me if I was struggling. Its hard to see him how he is now. I look up to him because hes one of the greatest people I know. He was always the first person to jump up and [say], ‘Ill help you.’ He did it with happiness, and I have a lot of good memories with him.” – Mackenzie Silva, 9

Mackenzie Silva

April 22, 2022
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