Sitting on the corner of the garden wall, Trejo-Vasquez sits still once more for the photographer. This photo shoot was taken in November 2020 at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio, Texas, and Trejo-Vasquez decided it was nothing like what she thought a photo shoot was like. “I was expecting it to just be quick and easy with no crowd, but it was the exact opposite,” Trejo-Vasquez said. It was a bit awkward because of how long I would have to hold a pose.”

The art of flexibility

Ashlyn Gillespie, Staff Writer March 31, 2021

Between arguing for refunds on cancellations, traveling to San Antonio, Texas and rehearsing with her friends and family, freshman May Trejo-Vasquez has been in crunch mode for the biggest event of her...

Bending wires around a stone, sophomore Addie Gleason creates jewelry from silver wire and stones or sea glass. Gleason draws inspiration from nature to create her designs. “When I want to create a piece, I'll first look through all of the sea glass and stones I have and pick one that I like or that inspires me,” Gleason said. “Sometimes I don't really think about a design and just see what happens, other times I'll have a specific idea that I want to create. I'll just keep the idea in mind as I create the piece.”

Old treasures become a new business for sophomore Addie Gleason

Sarah Spillman, Staff Writer March 30, 2021

Sophomore Addie Gleason quickly turned her camera off of the FaceTime screen and pulled up her messages. She had been showing her friends the new necklace she made, a fossil intertwined in a design of...

Making use of his design talent, Tyler uses Photoshop for this design, which is
the program that he is most comfortable with. He started a design for the “Make it Happen Esports Team” that was commissioned to him. “I do quite a bit of commission, I have about 1-3 commissions every week from someone. Not a lot, but I’m working on expanding commission request.

Gaming and graphic design: sophomore Devin Tyler merges his passions

Jordan Scales, Staff Writer March 18, 2021

Combining graphic design with his hobby of playing Rocket League, sophomore Devin Tyler has made video game graphic designing into a job. Tyler can make multiple styles of graphic design, including logos,...

Wearing a cardigan and blue jeans, librarian Lauren Reusch reads a book in the library. Reusch realized she typically wore the same few pieces of clothing, and has since committed to not buying new clothes for six months. “You know your favorite pieces that make you feel good,” Reusch said. “The majority of the time I spend at home or with family I wear sweats.”

Librarian Lauren Reusch tackles surplus spending with a new retail resolution

Addie Gleason, Staff Writer March 16, 2021

Walking into a store, bright, colorful posters attract your attention, advertising the latest trendy style. Big numbers and percentages line the aisles as you walk by, trying to pull you in with deals...

Senior Skyler Ji converses with students on a video call. Ji, who has been speaking Chinese since birth, treasured the opportunity to talk with native Chinese speakers. “I wanted to join because of the opportunity to talk to and interact with people in China. I used to go to town a lot, but, recently, I haven’t been,” Ji said. “I also wanted to join because of the opportunity to talk to Chinese people and see how COVID[-19] has been impacting them.”

The Speech King: Inside senior Justin Xu’s English tutoring organization

Thomas Bruns, Staff writer March 14, 2021

After spending hours on a plane to visit his grandparents in rural China, senior Justin Xu noticed a disparity between rural English speakers and urban English speakers. He was invited to a local middle...

Sophomore Olivia Davis practices her flexibility, form and balance at the barre.

Sophomore Olivia Davis dances with danger

Tanvi Kulkarni, Staff Writer March 10, 2021

Ask any dancer and they will agree that injuries are a part of life. In this technical and strenuous art form, routine exercises often pose risks if executed incorrectly. For sophomore Olivia Davis, what...

Practicing after school, freshman Alexandra DeLuca performs her scales. DeLuca practices daily to build her playing skills. “When I played a piece that I really liked it really relaxed me. It gives me a sense of pride afterward,” DeLuca said.

Freshman Alexandra DeLuca continues her musical journey as first chair in Symphonic Band

Skye DeBauch, Staff Writer March 9, 2021

Mesmerized by the woodwinds, freshman Alexandra Deluca dreamed of playing the piccolo when she was 10. However, her elementary school music teacher steered her to the flute. One Christmas present later,...

Dribbling the ball down the court, sophomore Maddie Humme looks for an open teammate to make a play. Humme has played basketball since she was in 1st grade and she is now in her junior varsity basketball season. “Basketball is my zen. I've always made time for it. When I am on the court, I am solely focused on basketball,” Humme said. “I love being a part of a team and contributing all I have to give.”

Sophomore Maddie Humme tackles the road to recovery after a golf cart tumble

Sophia Johnson, Staff Writer March 8, 2021

Speeding down a hill and with her friend behind the wheel of their golf cart, sophomore Maddie Humme knew she was in for a bumpy ride. The cart flipped and Humme slid 20 feet stopping on hot, hard asphalt....

Speaking to an in-person student, Special Education teacher Zack Jodlowski works to teach both his in-person and virtual students. Jodlowski’s class was made up of deaf, Deaf and hard of hearing students. “I think it’s important for people to know there’s a wide range of people involved in our community,” Jodlowski said.

Communication and COVID-19: The impact of masks on deaf and hard of hearing students

Sarah Boland, Staff Writer March 4, 2021

COVID-19 guidelines released by the Saint Louis County’s Department of Public Health relieve those who are hard-of-hearing and deaf from the requirement of wearing masks in public spaces. However, this...

On a trip to Hurghada, Egypt, freshman Alia Hammad and her cousin Omar parachute over the Red Sea. This adventure took place in July 2019, about four months before her big move.

From the Pyramids to the Arch: freshman Alia Hammad’s move to St. Louis

Anna Claywell, Staff Writer March 4, 2021

Cramped at the Cairo outlet mall, almost unable to breathe in the stuffy air and trying to find her friends over the crowd of people, freshman Alia Hammad recalls life as she knew it before coming to America....

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