Diving into junior Anna Knott’s world of chalk art

Junior Anna Knott finishes up the drawing of the leg lamp from the 1983 movie, “A Christmas Story.” Knott and her mom worked together to be able to create fun and relatable drawings. “A lot of people were commenting on our art and often had suggestions which made it so much more fun,” Knott said.
5 days ago

When we think of art, we naturally think of painting, drawing and sketching. But have we ever thought about chalk art? Junior Anna Knott and her mom did as they searched for something to do during quarantine. “My...

Freshman artist Rachel Thomson illustrates change

Coloring a portrait, freshman Rachel Thomson sits at her desk. Thomson’s mother, an artist, is her biggest influence. “She’s encouraged me to keep going from the beginning. I wasn’t that good when I first started, but I’m lucky she encouraged me to keep at it. I think if she didn’t support me, I would have stopped drawing a long time ago,” Thomson said.
January 11, 2021

Starting with a rough sketch of her subject, freshman Rachel Thomson moves to coloring each facial feature and finishing with the background illustration of the drawing. Thomson has been creating colored...

Students ride the highs and lows of the stock market during the pandemic

Preparing to execute another deal, junior Kayvon Rezaei examines his stock market portfolio. Rezaei has been trading stocks for over a year and spends time after school every day analyzing graphs and making trades. “The best part about doing the stock market for me is when you work hard and earn the money,” Rezaei said.
December 23, 2020

Hustling in and out of zoom calls, students are getting involved in the stock market. As the economy takes a downturn and local businesses begin hiring freezes, students like junior Kayvon Rezaei have...

Brionne Smith: Sophomore principal, mom and multipotentialite

With her daughter wrapped around her on graduation day, Smith celebrates receiving her master’s degree from Arkansas State University. She received her degree in Educational Leadership in May of 2018.  “It was a very proud moment. I felt accomplished and ready to move on to the next step in my career,” Smith said.
December 21, 2020

In August, sophomore class Principal Brionne Smith joined the Longhorn community. As we reach the middle of the second quarter, Smith has grown accustomed to her new position and the virtual learning style.  Years...

Teacher by day, pirate entertainer by night; Meet Amie Gossett

Posing with a parrot on her shoulder, theater teacher Amie Gossett acts as a pirate in a sword singing troupe she participates in. Gossett has been part of this troupe for 10 years, preparing each year for the high-intensity physical movement her role requires. “We usually have two to three different choreographed staged sword or stage combat fights per one hour show. They involve swords, daggers, hand-to-hand combat, rolling on the ground, jumping up on boxes, etc,” Gossett said. “I definitely have to get myself into fighting shape each season so that I don't hurt myself.
December 17, 2020

Parrot on shoulder, and sword in hand, theater teacher Amie Gossett performs on a “ship-like” platform as a sword-swinging pirate in an all-woman stage combat sword fighting troupe. Despite working...

Meet the new staff as we return to isolation

New employees show their virtual work environments. At the beginning of the school year, some teachers taught from home while others taught from school, all while trying hard to build a connection with students. “It's been weird doing it all virtual. I feel like I've been in the actual building twice,” English Teacher Kaleb Schumer said.
December 8, 2020

Five new staff members joined the Longhorn community in August, starting off their school year in a virtual setting and trying to connect with students through computer monitors. 

A splash in the right direction: junior Will Bonnett makes history

At the state competition Saturday Nov. 14, junior Will Bonnett celebrates as he looks at his times and realizes he beat another record. Bonnett came out on top, earning first in his two individual races and beating five individual school records. “I think it is super exciting to be able to be a part of our school history,” Bonnett said. “It's definitely very rewarding to be able to see the work that I've  put in and show it by being able to break those records.”
December 3, 2020

Pushing off the wall, junior Will Bonnett slices through the water on his last lap of his 500 individual medley (IM). Anticipation surges through him as he hears his teammates cheer for him through rushing...

What does the D stand for? Sophomores strike a deal with SunnyD

Modeling their SunnyD hoodies and T-shirt, sophomores Ethan Deulca, Chris Roy, Basil Metroulas, Patrick Chen, Chris Woodcock, Shiv Sharma, Jake Rushing and Jack Maniaci advertise a beloved childhood beverage. “[Sunny-D] is a very nostalgic drink for me. I remember going out to my fridge and getting a refreshing bottle of Sunny-D when I was little,” Rushing said.
November 9, 2020

Thanks to a $10 for 10 deal at a local Dierbergs, sophomores Patrick Chen, Ethan Deluca, Nick Malchanav, Jack Manicai, Basil Metroulas, Andrew Navazhylau, Chris Roy, Jake Rushing, Shiv Sharma, Aidan Stillman...

Fulfilling his passion: junior George Guerra casts out COVID and reels in enjoyment

Fishing in the middle of the night on the beaches of Naples, Fla., junior George Guerra holds a 39-inch Common Snook he caught. There are a lot more fish in the oceans of Florida where it’s tropical, than there are Missouri. “In Florida, there’s a bigger variety of fish to fish for, and they are way bigger than the ones you catch in Missouri,” Guerra said.
November 3, 2020

Since his childhood, junior George Guerra has reeled in fishing knowledge from YouTube and family members to become a fishing fanatic.  “I started [fishing] with my dad when I was young, but didn’t...

Inside look at virtual learning: Students and Staff share their e-learning setups

Working at his virtual teaching setup from home, math teacher Patrick Troy prepares for the day with his Border Collie, Luna, laying behind him. Troy feels there are multiple benefits to teaching on a computer opposed to writing on a whiteboard. “My setup allows me to work on the computer, instead of writing on a whiteboard or paper behind me,” Troy said. “It allows me to directly look at my students while I'm teaching.”
October 29, 2020

Junior Allie Judd: While many students have multiple fancy monitors and keyboards for their setups, junior Allie Judd says all she needs to be successful is her school-issued Chromebook and a good...

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