Cora Tiemeier


Sakenah Lajkem

“It’s really important for me to be involved in high school, meet new people and try new things. Trying new things is always really hard, and I don’t like doing it, but I know that it builds character, and makes trying [new things] later much easier. I knew that I wanted to have a foundation here [at school], get involved, try new things and make friends with people. After COVID, I was still signed up to try out for Color Guard, and I thought, ‘I might as well just go.’ No one goes into [the team] knowing how to do it, so it’s like a challenge. You have to figure it out and adapt to what you’re being asked. I love the team so much, and I love every single person. I’d go up to [all of them] at school and I’d hang out with any of them.” – Cora Tiemeier, 12