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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


“The first memory that comes to my head is when everyone starts doing the longhorn rumble when we call [out to the audience], they stomp and clap with us along to the beat of the cheer. I [started to appreciate cheer] when I got to high school. [At first], I did it for fun in middle school just to say that I [had a hobby]. When [I got to] high school my coach appreciated me and [listened to] my opinions. It really made me fall in love with the sport again. My favorite thing about cheer is the friendships that I get from it. [I] get to see the people I’m with all the time because [we] have practice [together often]. Especially during football season [is when I get to] hang out with [my teammates] every day. The people I met through cheer and got close with this year make me [want] to continue cheer. [I also got closer with] the people on [the] varsity team and [was able to gain friendships] through that. I am happy [that I get to] cheer with [everyone] next year. It [urges me to] keep going. The cheer community is fun because everyone just understands each other. Were all very similar [and connected] in ways and its like a tight knit family.” Alyssa Gessner, 9

Alyssa Gessner

Lydia Woodall, CJ1 Writer April 23, 2024

“Im passionate about volleyball. Ive been playing for six years. I play it because I like the way that, [even though,] its a team sport, its also focused on [a person] individually; especially in my position since Im the back row defense where the ball can hit me. Its [up to] me, I can’t blame anybody else. I like how its very focused on [the] performance and how well [I] react to how the other team plays. The way I play really matters to me because it’s a team sport and I dont want to let my teammates down.” Emma Barton, 9

Emma Barton

Mahiya Pallipat, CJ1 Writer April 18, 2024

“My goal for soccer this season is not only to improve in skill, but also to improve my way of communication. [To] not always put the blame on myself since a team [improves together]. So my goal [coming into the team] was to not be so harsh on myself and to know that not the whole team  depends on [me]. We all work as a team, and everyone [plays] a different [role]. The most exciting game this season was the first game, even though we lost it was like an exciting experience because it was the first game and it was nice seeing all my friends playing on the field together. I really improved my communication [skills]. My goal is to continue to strengthen my [ability of] communication [with the team] and to also improve my skill [at playing soccer].” - Ali Abdulsattar, 9

Ali Abdulsattar

Quinton Wallace, CJ1 Writer March 14, 2024

My favorite part of being on the softball team is definitely just having fun with all the girls. It’s so fun talking to them about everything and especially school-wise, because they’re older. So they can kind of help and answer questions because most of them have been in the same position. I would say I look up to all of them. I feel like they [are all] role models for the freshman. I think the hardest thing about playing softball is definitely the mental side of it. Its really hard not to [bring yourself down], but I think you just have to be confident and that will help a lot. When I have a slump, its really difficult to get out of it. The upperclassmen, coaches, and my parents have helped a lot with my [struggles] . I feel like you just have to surround yourself with the right people that will help you. - Kennedy Shea, 9

Kennedy Shea

Rylee Fahs, CJ1 Writer October 20, 2023

“It’s really important for me to be involved in high school, meet new people and try new things. Trying new things is always really hard, and I dont like doing it, but I know that it builds character, and makes trying [new things] later much easier. I knew that I wanted to have a foundation here [at school], get involved, try new things and make friends with people. After COVID, I was still signed up to try out for Color Guard, and I thought, ‘I might as well just go.’ No one goes into [the team] knowing how to do it, so its like a challenge. You have to figure it out and adapt to what youre being asked. I love the team so much, and I love every single person. Id go up to [all of them] at school and Id hang out with any of them.” – Cora Tiemeier, 12

Cora Tiemeier

Sakenah Lajkem, Staff Writer August 24, 2023

“My favorite hobby is volleyball. I’ve been playing since third grade, and I play for a club outside of school, and I also play for the school team. I love the supportive environment in volleyball, and everyone on the club team is my best friend, so volleyball is a way I get to see them almost every day. There was once when I sprained my ankle, and it took me out for a couple of weeks. It’s a bad feeling because you just have to sit on the sidelines and watch your teammates play, and sometimes your teammates will be losing and you can’t do anything to help them. I usually end up spraining my ankle at least once a season, though, so I’ve gotten used to it since almost everyone gets hurt at least once a season. What keeps me motivated in volleyball is not wanting to let my teammates down. I know some of them want to play volleyball in college, and so I always want to play my best to give them the best games and not take away any of their opportunities.” - Abby Vogelgesang, 11

Abby Vogelgesang

Angie Ren, Staff Writer May 26, 2023

“Currently, college has been stressful for me, especially because I’m trying to get recruited for field hockey, and a lot goes into that process. It’s overwhelming since I feel a lot of pressure to not only go to a good college but one that also has a competitive field hockey team. So far, I have attended college recruitment tournaments, and I have emailed several colleges. Still, I havent completed my field hockey profile, which is where recruiters can see and learn more about me. I want to play field hockey in the future since I’ve been playing my whole life, and I love playing sports in general. Field hockey is my favorite hobby by far, and it’s something that makes me happy and always brings up my mentality. I spend all my time playing after school, and it’s my dream to continue playing in the future. I’m okay if I don’t end up playing for a division, I just want to keep doing what makes me happy.” - Ava Reuther, 11

Ava Reuther

Angie Ren, Staff Writer May 10, 2023

Lining up her putt, senior Kacie Bergh prepares a shot during a varsity match.

Senior Kacie Bergh swings through an unpredictable season

Katie Spillman, Staff Writer October 6, 2017

As the only senior on the team, varsity golf player Kacie Bergh utilized her four years of experience to ignite a love for the sport among her teammates. She started playing her freshman year when she...

Debate team winning second place overall at the third GSL  tournament at Ritenour.

Debate deemed to dominate at districts

Liza Tarakanova, Staff Writer February 25, 2015
The District competitions for debate are coming up, and debaters are preparing to qualify for nationals, following in the footsteps of those before them.
Sophomore Liza Tarakanova concentrates on making her next move in a game of chess at the club.

Chess team prepares for upcoming state tournament

Nico Stranquist, Staff Writer February 15, 2015
Chess Team hopes to see success this Spring in state tournament
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