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Best ways to avoid summer homework

Senior Emma Caplinger studies a to-do list of summer assignments at the Town and Country Crossing Starbucks. Students have the entire summer to complete their homework, although most wait until the end of summer break.

Emma Caplinger, Arts and Entertainment Editor

August 1, 2019

Every year I promise myself I’ll start my summer homework earlier than the week before it is due, and every year, I disappoint myself. To all my past English teachers, I’m so sorry for the rushed essays I’ve turned in every August. However, my horrific record of reading an entire book in one d...

The Weight of the Classroom

Sophomore Katharine Segrave suffers from chronic back issues like scoliosis, making it hard for her to carry heavy backpacks.

Anjali Shah, Staff Writer

May 23, 2017

With finals week upon us, textbooks, laptops and binders are just a few of the heavy items that spill out of backpacks as students stuff their bags to the brim. Despite the practicality of backpacks, they may endanger the health and safety of students. “Since at least 1998, we’ve noticed back...

The Homework Epidemic

Freshman Maddie Hoffmann looks downcast as she realizes she has a large amount of homework to complete

Gabrielle Winkle, Staff Writer

April 25, 2017

With the semester coming to an end, and finals right around the corner, students have more homework than ever, leaving stress levels at an all time high. Elevated stress levels in teens over time leads to distress, and eventually larger and more serious medical complications later. Not only does it ...

Scholastic dishonesty damages integrity of high school academics

According to the Pwestpathfinder conducted survey, over 65 percent of students have seen or cheated on a test. Out of the 65 percent, five people admitted to using their phone to do so.

Maddie Cooke

September 27, 2016

A total of 43 pages make up the student handbook, detailed with rules and regulations. But not a single page includes the expectation surrounding academic integrity that teachers enforce in their classrooms. “Academic integrity is the right thing to do, but sometimes, I feel so much pressure to do...

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