Casey Holland, English


Ava Griswold

“A lesson that has stuck with me throughout my whole life is to always outwork the person next to you. Whether it’s athletics or school, work hard, and work harder than the person next to you. As an educator, I know that my job is never finished and I’ve got to continue to work harder and harder to help students. I’m most proud to be a teacher when I have a former athlete or student reach out to me and tell me about their successes. That makes me feel like a proud parent and a proud teacher. My mom always talked about when I was a little kid. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. When I got to high school I thought I wanted to be a PE or history teacher because I wanted to coach basketball. My high school basketball coach said to do something that will make you more marketable, so you’ll more likely get a job out of college. I was always really good at English, I loved reading and writing, so I just followed that passion and advice. The best compliment I’ve ever gotten is when I get letters from my students saying how much they enjoy my teaching and that I actually helped them enjoy English class. One of the reasons I wanted to become a teacher and a coach is because a lot of the time the teachers and coaches I came from weren’t always great, and I wanted to be an example of what they were not,” – Casey Holland, English