“Stop the Bop” rocks West


Madi Michajliczenko

During the upcoming spring spirit week, Longhorn Council challenges students to “Stop the bop.” To fundraise for the CHADS Coalition, they will play a song every day during passing periods and for five minutes before the school day begins; to stop the song, students must reach a fundraising goal. “I’m really excited for ‘Stop the bop,’” sophomore Cindy Phung said. “It’s a crazy, new idea and sounds fun. I can’t wait, but I’m worried that I’ll maybe be annoyed when it happens.”

Five days. Five passing periods. $1,000. “Stop the bop” has reached Parkway West High School. 

During spring spirit week, Longhorn Council (LoCo) has decided to embrace a new form of fundraising practiced at Northwest and Lindbergh High. “Stop the bop” will play the song “MMMBop” by Hanson before school for five minutes, during five-minute passing periods and the last five minutes of the school day until the student body raises $1,000. 

“‘Stop the bop’ is going to be a fundraiser for CHADS Coalition: our philanthropy with LoCo this year. The fundraiser stops on Friday when we present the coalition with a check during the pep assembly. We want one last big push to raise as much money as possible for this amazing group,” LoCo co-sponsor Emily Lovercheck said. “Bins will be placed in front of each grade-level office where students can drop off change and dollars — whatever they have in the bottom of their bookbags. We decided to cap it at $1,000, so it would be less than $1 per student.” 

CHADS aims to promote mental health in students. Through LoCo, CHADS has hosted multiple fundraising events throughout the school year. This newest fundraising activity will also be the last for the year, a final hurrah for this year’s philanthropy. 

“[CHADS’] message is very prevalent right now, with the push for taking care of yourself and putting yourself first. This organization helps to do that. [For example,] they recently came into health class and gave a presentation through their outreach program where they support adolescents and young adults struggling with mental health,” Lovercheck said.  

LoCo Philanthropy Chair and junior Sarah Reifschneider organized “Stop the Bop” with grade-level principals and other LoCo members to figure out shifts for playing the song. 

Spring Spirit Week


“Everything came together fairly quickly, but it has been hectic. Having to fully flesh this idea out with our other spring pep activities, like dress-up days and the pep rally, has been difficult. But, I’m happy we are able to put on simple yet fun things like ‘Stop the bop,’” Reifschneider said. 

As “Stop the bop” has never been held before, LoCo members hope the event will be fun and interesting while promoting philanthropy within the student body. 

“[LoCo has] no idea how this will look for us. We wanted to do something that was not too much on students or teachers while being fun and different. We’ve never done it here,” Lovercheck said. “Students enjoy having music during passing periods, and we think having music through classroom periods will be fun. We’re hoping for the best and that it will be something different. So why not try it and see what happens?”