Chloe Ottman

“All of middle school, I was just trying to pursue friendships that weren’t good for me. But I think that eighth grade was the worst because I was just so dug into a hole of a friendship that I didn’t want. It just made me super stressed out and when I get stressed I get angry and sad. So it just kind of affected my whole mental state and I just morphed everything I did into a bad thing. It was really draining and I felt like I was doing everything wrong all the time [and it felt like] it was always my fault. [However], I started doing tennis this summer [and] I’ve been trying to fit in with new people and branch out and make new friends so that I can have a really good social life. [My teammates] talk through a lot of things with me and a lot of them are upperclassmen. I got to hear things from their point of view of being in high school for two or three plus years. I also got to meet new people in my grade that connect with me and had the same interests as me and we got to talk about other things than just drama and bad stuff going on in our lives. I think that I finally fitting in with good people and I’ve dropped a lot of people who were not good in my life and I’m really happy.” – Chloe Ottman, 9