Sebastian Latz

“[I wanted to quit] baseball, I wasn’t really in a good mindset, I was doubting myself. I was flipping out on everything, bringing my anger onto my teammates, my coaches, and the field. My dad told me to stop doubting myself and to get my head in the game. When I took his advice I started doing good. I started hitting the ball and feeling good. My dad has always been passionate about baseball. He used to play when he was a kid. We like to say it runs in the family because most guys in my family have played it and watched it a lot. Ever since I started playing it with my dad, [I started to like it]. I started getting into games and competition teams. I started to play, and I fell in love with it.  [Baseball] gives me energy boosts and gets my ego up a little. Baseball is my priority over literally anything. Lately, I’ve been working my butt off and practicing as much as possible to make it far. [A major league player] told me I could make it in the big league. I felt like I could make it. I can work hard to make [it] as far as they did.” – Sebastian Latz, 9