Sydney Etchason


Olivia Picaud

“The most stressful thing going on in my life is grades. Teachers put a lot of pressure on me, and they constantly challenge me with homework. I do track currently, and I did cross country during the fall and swimming during the winter. So just all of that can be stressful. There’s a lot of pressure on me from my parents because I feel like they compare everything I do to my [older sister]. Lexi was the first child, [she] was like their norm, and I have a completely different learning strategy than her. She gets things done five months ahead of time. Her room is always tidy and clean, and she’s just on top of it all the time. I am the complete opposite. I do things at the last minute, right before it’s due. I don’t keep [my room] clean until I have to. Like my life is unorganized but organized in my way. I’m happy I have my friends and family to help me with all the stress.” — Sydney Etchason, 9