Jake Boland


Maddy Bach

“My biggest struggle in life is school, mainly because I don’t care enough to apply myself. My parents obviously want better for me, and I want to do better for them, but with a lot of the activities I have going on, I can never find the time. My family is super important because my parents work super hard, and they always show how much they care for me. My friends are also super important because they help me throughout life, and I wouldn’t be the same person I am without them. A lot of my friends play soccer with me, and because of that, we travel a lot. Like one time, we went to Arizona and got to explore a lot and see a lot of sights. I remember when my friends and I were messing around, they wrapped me up in a plastic wrap and pushed me over. I got a concussion, but I wouldn’t go back and change that because it was funny. My friends and I do a lot of dumb stuff, and we get in trouble a lot, but you know, you just got to live life.” – Jake Boland, 9