Melanie Shearer


Kerra White

“The saddest moment in my life is when my father died five years ago. It didn’t affect me personally. I guess I just miss him. He was [very] interesting and fun to talk to. I was very close to my dad. But around the time he died, I hadn’t seen him [for] a few months. There are like a lot of stories of when [I] was a baby. [When] we went to public places, I would go [up] to random couples, and I would tell them all these random words like my alphabet. My dad would just sit back and watch me. I remember we would come home after and eat nasty bananas filled with jelly, and I hated it so much. Yes, I would say my dad keeps me going. He would be very upset right now if he saw my grades. He always wanted the best for me. I just kinda started focusing on myself once he died. I’m not doing good in school; there’s no point. I decided to start drawing. I can honestly say I just do it for fun now. But it eases my mind and distracts me from reality.” – Melanie Shearer, 9