Sadie Burgess


Brooke Hoenecke

“I lived in Joplin, Mo., for a little longer than seven years. Less than a year after we moved there, this big EF5 tornado came in and destroyed the town. I lived through a lot of rebuilding and sadness surrounding me. My dad’s a pastor, and every Wednesday night, we would have dinner with missionaries who were rebuilding Joplin. [The tornado] was a big part of who I am. Now it inspires me. I went on mission trips after [the tornado] to towns destroyed by tornadoes. The mission trips were a fun environment, even though it was not fun work. The community was cool. We all went to Oklahoma because they had one big tornado, and we went there two years in a row. We went with the church, and there were a lot of kids my age that went, and we couldn’t do a lot. On one of the mission trips, I remember that my sister Amelia and I built a shed together. It was fun because many times we were painting houses, and the older guys and women were building the sheds, and we couldn’t do much. It was cool to experience getting to build a shed, getting to use your hands and learning how to do something new.” – Sadie Burgess, 9