Welcome to the Palette


Jeannie Liautaud Maul

Senior Arden Dickson poses for a college audition headshot.

Welcome to The Palette!

My name is Arden Dickson, and I am a senior, an actor, musician and writer. I tend to go through phases frequently so it’s a little hard to explain what my hobbies and interests are, but for the sake of simplicity, I love yoga, the color pink, meditation, Childish Gambino, the idea of being outside and bubble tea.

My artistic journey started on the ice, of all places. I was a figure skater for about half my life, though I fell in love with the performance aspect of the sport. After three years of competing on the St. Louis Theatre On Ice team, I made the leap over to musical theater. Since then, I’ve been singing, dancing and acting non-stop. This winter, I’ll be applying to 17 musical theater programs around the country.

I’ve also been writing ever since I can remember. This past year, I dove into the world of journalistic writing with my blog “Good song, Good soul”. I’m currently in the process of re-branding, but I wanted to continue creating content and giving a voice to the arts. Thus, “The Palette” was born.

“The Palette” is a metaphorical representation of all Parkway West has to offer in terms of creativity, originality and diversity. We are a dynamic community with incredible talent that should be celebrated. 

My vision for “The Palette” is to create a space that values the arts and makes them easily accessible to artists, non-artists and educators alike. I plan to cover everything from dance, visual arts, music and everything in between—all within our Longhorn community. This first piece, entitled “PIVOT,” will explore how artists in our community have adapted during the pandemic.

I can’t wait to start this new journey with you all!